Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya - a world renowned sensory experience!

Heaven Above A Go-Go Walking Street Pattaya

Pattaya has long been famous for its vibrant lifestyle. You find attractive beaches, a mind blowing array of world class restaurants coupled with modern shopping arcades, plus plenty of leisure sports both aquatic and land.

However it is the legendary nightlife in Pattaya where this amazing city is in a class of its own. The focal point of this Pattaya nightlife is a 1.5 km stretch of paved walking area aptly named “Walking Street”

When I first experienced this unique walk, I started at the Pattaya Beach Road entrance and was immediately overcome by the rarified atmosphere that was to become stronger the more I proceeded.

Pattaya Walking Street Airport A Go-Go Girls

There are very few places that can truly be described as a ‘Sensory Experience.’ Walking Street Pattaya is certainly one of them. Every sense – hearing, sight, smell and feel are on overload. You are immediately bombarded by music both live and recorded coming from every restaurant, ice cream parlour, open air live rock venues – it’s all there – not to mention a dazzling array of neons continually flickering and changing as you continue your stroll.

If you are looking for pictures of some Pattaya Girls from Walking Street, then you can check them out here!

Here you will find some other Photos of Walking Street in Pattaya showing this amazing nightlife venue!

Now let’s discuss the real reason why this walk is so unique. This stretch of pavement can only be described as a true kaleidoscope of humanity which is represented in every form.

Lucifers Disco Pattaya Walking Street

For those of you who are into the laidback activity of “people watching” you are in for an absolute feast. Nothing quite prepares you for the rich tapestry of character that you will observe, as well as a veritable representation from most countries in the world on any given night. You will also find nests of Go-Go girls holding up placards coaxing you into their establishments, hawkers offering you all sorts of bizarre merchandise, as well as the offers to whisk you away to view “Special” shows featuring all sorts of alternative uses for the female anatomy.

As you stroll further along Walking Street you notice a Muay Thai boxing match being fought, and street performers gathering small crowds to watch their particular expertise. On you stroll and you observe all these people looking skywards – you glare up – and notice a sign stating “European Girls Dancing” Yes a number of scantily clad European girls are entertaining the masses below. Take a few more paces and you can’t help noticing the ever present Ladyboys or Kateoys of Pattaya in the wildest, shortest, tightest and most revealing outfits strutting their stuff to try and gain as much attention as possible from their provocative antics.

Walking Street Pattaya Peppermint A Go-Go

I have just touched on some of the many attributes that makes the “Walking Street Experience” a truly memorable highlight with sights witnessed that will be araldited in your subconscious for years to come.

However reading about it just whets the appetite – you must experience this for yourself. No matter what you do and see here in Pattaya, the Walking Street Pattaya experience has to be savoured.

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