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Alcatraz A Go-Go Girls in Walking Street PattayaWalking Street go go bars are often rated among Pattaya’s best attractions. This street has the largest concentration of bars in Pattaya. At night, the entire stretch between Soi 13 to Soi 16 starting from Beach Road to Bali Hai Pier becomes one big party zone with neon signs, loud music and of course, beautiful bar girls, whose sole purpose is to earn their nightly fees from customers. The competition among the Pattaya go go bars and beer bars on Walking Street is intense.

The staff at the bars can be found participating in shouting matches outside their establishments in a bid to attract customers. There is eroticism all around, which some may find too in-your-face. However, it can be great fun if enjoyed in the right spirit.

Here is a listing of the Walking Street go go bars, starting from the entrance at Beach Road and moving towards Bali Hai Pier. Most bars open from 8 pm. The official closing time is 2 am. However, some bars stay open as late as 5 am.

Silver Star 3

Silver Star 3 A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaLocated 100 metres from the Beach Road entrance to Walking Street, on the right hand side, Silver Star 3 is the third in the series of Pattaya go go bars with the same name. (The other two are on Soi 7 & 8). Inside the bar, besides the usual pole dancing on the stage, there are cage dancers and two Jacuzzis where you can watch nude bathing. The bar also has topless dancing.


This is one of the largest Walking Street gogo bars with a big stage located on the far side from the door, where around 24 dancers can perform at a time. There are also smaller tables along the way with mirrored tops on which some of the bar girls perform. The main stage has topless and occasionally nude dancing. Near the entrance is a large Jacuzzi where you can watch two girls frolicking in the bubbles.

Halo Club

This is not one of the conventional Walking Street go go bars, but rather a nightclub. However, there are coyote dancers, who perform on stage. In addition, there is a DJ and an open-air beer bar outside where you can relax with a drink and watch the Pattaya nightlife.


The Lighthouse A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis is a small go go bar, which is located opposite Fahrenheit go go. What lighthouse lacks in space it makes up for in popularity. It is the centre of attraction of the Beach Road end as it is one of the newest go go bars Walking Street has. It opened in January 2012. There are two long stages at the centre of the bar where bar girls dance dressed in black and white to suit the lighthouse theme.


Alcatraz A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaOne of the most provocative Walking Street go go bars, Alcatraz is relatively new (opened in 2010) and has a prisoner theme, with the sexy bar girls dressed up as either prisoners or wardens. It has a large area with a central stage on the lower level where girls pole dance. On the mezzanine level, there are dancers in elevated cages that resemble prison cells. The second floor has private lounge areas with seating and more personalised service. It is located next door to Fahrenheit.


Fahrenheit A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis is one of the hottest Walking Street go go bars with plenty of nudity. There is a central stage on the lower level with bench seating near the walls. There are elevated podiums at a higher level where girls dance with nothing under their mini-skirts, offering delightful views from the seating below. The bar also has short time rooms located on the higher floors.

The Cavern

Living up to its name, the interiors of the cavern have faux boulders and rocks. The bar underwent renovation and reopened in mid-2010. This go go bar is part of the Happy group that has two other Walking Street go go bars – Happy and Baccara. There is a central stage with topless dancers and two side stages with nude dancers.

Iron Club

Dressed in metal corsets, garters and collar necklaces, the Iron Club go go dancers add to the S&M theme of the bar. Like many other Walking Street gogo bars, Iron Club has nude dancers and Jacuzzi shows. It is also one of the larger bars on the street and is owned by the same group as Airport agogo, which is right next door.


Airport A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis go go bar has bar girls dressed up in sexy air hostess uniforms. It is located in Walking Street near the end of Soi Diamond next to Iron Club. In fact, both these go gos are owned by the same group. It is one of the Walking Street go go bars that open right from the afternoon, starting from around 4.00 pm. The interior of the club is narrow (like an airplane) with a central stage flanked by rows of bench seating. This go go bar is very popular and can be extremely busy at times.

Moon Club

Located on the corner of Walking Street and Soi Diamond, Moon Club is opposite Airport Club and has entrances from both the streets. It has a lunar/spaceship theme with white and blue décor and futuristic furniture. Like many other Pattaya go go bars, there is a central stage and about five smaller stages around the bar.

Hot Girls

This go go bar is located on the second floor of a building on the Beach Road end of Walking Street close to Living Dolls. It is popular for its shows, including ping pong and whistle blowing. Like most other Walking street go go bars, topless dancing, nude shows and bathing shows are regular features.

Sweethearts A Go Go

Sweethearts A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis small go go bar located towards the central area of Walking Street is a little more conventional than some of its neighbours. There is a stage with space for about 24 dancers. However, unlike other Walking Street gogo bars, the girls in Sweethearts wear bikinis and there is no nudity. Its 70s and 80s rock music and lap dancing draws a crowd, as does the not so over the top experience.

Happy A Go Go

Located opposite Living Dolls on Walking Street, Happy A Go Go is one of the largest bars in Pattaya. The bar has a centre stage with go go dancers and coyote dancers. It is one of the oldest Walking Street go go bars, having been in operation for over twenty years. This is one of the most popular bars in the area because of its shows, reasonably priced drinks and no-hassles policy, which means that punters will not be approached until they signal a girl or make the first move.

Living Dolls 1

Located on the ocean side towards the centre of Walking Street near Soi Happy, Living Dolls 1 is one of the foreigner-owned Pattaya go go bars. It has an elevated central stage with stools and tables around it as well some lounge seating in other areas near the mirrored walls. Topless and nude dancing can be expected. There is also a play bed towards the front where you can watch near naked girls perform.


Baccara A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis is easily one of the most popular Walking Street go go bars, which is owned by the same group as Happy A Go Go, Beach Club and Peppermint. Since it opened in August 2011 replacing Molly Malones that stood at the location, it has gained a reputation for having the best looking girls in all of Walking Street and Pattaya A go gos. Nude and topless shows are part of the routine every night. This is the sister unit of Baccara on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok.


Located around the central part of Walking Street, Champion has nude dancing and bathing shows. It is known for its rock music. Champion a go go is also one of the Walking Street go go bars that you should head to if you are looking for long stay bar girls.

Doll house

Doll House A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis is another go go bar that is located towards the middle of Walking Street, in the floor under Marine Disco. It is a medium sized bar and has nude dancers like many other Walking Street gogo bars. There used to be a Jacuzzi show, which has recently been replaced by a play mat where the girls play with each other.


This go go is owned by the same people who run Happy, Beach Club and Baccara. It is located next to Doll House under Marine Disco. Unlike some other Pattaya go go bars, Peppermint’s strategy is to encourage customers to watch rather than take the girls away. The bar fines are exorbitant as a result. It is a large bar with adequate seating, making it a popular place to sit and watch shows. Topless and nude performances can be expected.

Nuis Club 2 A Go Go

Nui’s Club A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis is another of the Walking Street Go Go bars that open early, from around 3pm. There is a shift change at 8pm. Nuis Club is located on the right hand side if you are walking from Beach Road towards Bali Hai pier, in the middle of Walking Street. It is a relatively small go go bar, which is owned by a group that has several other go gos, including Hot Girls.

G.U.Y. Club

This is the only gay bar among the Walking Street go go bars. Most other gay go gos are located in Boyztown or Pattayaland. In fact, it is a relatively new addition to walking street as it came up only in 2011, possibly to attract gay tourists visiting Pattaya’s main nightlife attraction. It is owned by the same team as Wild West Boys in Boyztown Pattaya.

Roxy A go go

Located adjacent to the night club Insomnia on Walking Street, Roxy is on the right hand side opposite Hot Tuna complex. It is one of the largest Walking Street go go bars and has close to sixty bar girls who dance for the spectators. Besides go go dancing, the bar also has some long running stage shows.


Lollipop A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaThis gogo bar opened on Walking Street in 2007. It is located opposite Soi BJ and is below the Polo Entertainment Complex. There is the standard format central stage for pole dancing surrounded by seats and lounge areas. Similar to other Walking Street go go bars, Lollipop has sexier shows in the rear, including a Jacuzzi and a play bed.

Living Doll Showcase

Living Dolls Showcase A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaOwned by the group that runs Doll House, Living Doll Showcase Pattaya is one of the go go bars Walking Street has to offer for those who want to watch rather than participate. It is well-known for its choreographed shows and good-looking girls, but not all of them can be bar-fined. This bar is located close to the southern end of Walking Street, when you enter from Beach Road.

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Besides the bars listed above, there are also a few other Walking Street go go bars worth checking out around the Soi Covent Garden area, and near the Bali Hai Pier end of Walking Street.


One of the few go go bars that are still open on Soi Covent Garden or Soi 16, X-Zone is among the larger Walking Street go go bars. It is located in the Covent Garden Complex on the second floor. Highlights include nude shows and a large soapie stage where bubbles and bathing shows are performed. The bar opens from 8.30 pm until very late.

Rhino A Go Go

Past the far end of Walking Street opposite Tony’s Disco, Rhino is relatively new as it opened in June 2011. There are two stages, one featuring topless dancers while the other has coyotes. Towards the back, you will see a sight that is familiar to most Walking Street go go bars – a Jacuzzi with girls bathing.

Utopia A Go Go

Utopia A Go-Go in Walking Street PattayaAfter Walking Street, in Soho Square, which is located on the left hand side, Utopia is located on the second floor of the building that has Utopia Lounge. There are three dancing stages inside the bar. Additionally, cage dancing and hot tub play are attractions. This is one of the Walking Street go go bars that have opened and closed several times over the past few years.

While Walking Street is considered the city’s most exciting attraction, it might not be everyone’s idea of fun as it can be extremely crowded and noisy. For visitors, there are several other streets in the vicinity that offer quieter options. These include the Soi Post Office/Soi Yamato go go bars, which are located in Soi 13/1 and Soi 13/2 off beach road. In addition, along Beach Road, which is an entry point to Walking Street, there are several Beach Road go go bars to explore. All these options put together present the best nightlife that Pattaya has to offer.

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