US Embassy Bangkok
All You Need To Know

The US Embassy Bangkok is one of the largest American Embassies in the world, signifying the importance of Thailand in the foreign policy of the United States. As a US national travelling or residing in Pattaya or other parts of Thailand, this is a great source of relief as it can provide timely assistance in the event of any unfortunate incidents or to sort out legalities required by Thai laws. Located on 120-122 Wireless Road in Bangkok, the American Embassy Bangkok operates from 7.00 am to 4.00 pm from Monday to Friday, except on official holidays.

Many American visitors in Thailand wonder why there is a need to know where the US embassy in Bangkok is. The fact is that although no one anticipates that something could go wrong during a vacation, things sometimes do. There are a number of incidents of passports getting stolen or lost. In such cases, if the American citizen has a photocopy of his or her passport, the USA Embassy Thailand has the authority to issue an emergency passport for travel back home so that they are not left stranded. The Embassy also provides other passport services for US nationals who are residing in Thailand, such as application for a new passport or getting additional pages for visas. In most cases, applicants have to visit the embassy in person, especially if it is for a first passport. 

Besides passport services, the US Embassy in Bangkok also provides other services to American citizens residing in Thailand. These include notarization of documents, providing affidavits or Power of Attorney. There are many US citizens who retire to Thailand and in such cases the Thai Government demands an Income affidavit as proof of funds, every time the long term visa comes up for renewal. The US Embassy Thailand provides income affidavits for US citizens in these situations. Other types of affidavits that are provided include Thai and international driver’s license affidavits and affidavits of marriage, which states that a person is legally free to marry – a mandatory requirement as per Thai marriage laws.

The American Citizen Services section at the US Embassy Bangkok provides a host of emergency services to US citizens in Thailand, from issues related to passports to assistance for more serious situations such as death, missing persons or arrests. It is advisable for every American citizen to make a note of the contact details of the nearest American Embassy in Thailand. The contact number of the emergency services section from within Thailand is 02-205-4049 for calls made during business hours. The Duty Officer can also be reached after business hours in case of emergencies by calling the US Embassy Bangkok switchboard number (02-205-4000).

Besides the embassy in Bangkok, the United States Government has a consulate in Chiang Mai, which offers limited American Citizen Services. American Citizens in Pattaya who need services that fall under the non-emergency category can also get these services at one of the consular outreach visits organised by the US Embassy Bangkok. The services during outreach visits to Pattaya usually include acceptance of application forms for passport renewals and additional visa pages, notarial services and response to queries regarding social security or other federal benefits. For more information about the dates for these outreach visits, and for information on official holidays, working hours or for downloading passport application forms or affidavit forms, visit the website of the US Embassy Bangkok.

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