Some of The Best Things to do in Pattaya

The numerous things to do in Pattaya are what make it a popular tourist destination.

Go Karting Track in Pattaya

Besides local attractions and entertainment, the beaches and open spaces present the option for adventure and water sports. If you love the outdoors and thrive on physical activity that can give you an adrenalin rush, then you’ll never be at a loss for what to do in Pattaya. From adventure in the sea to leisure activities on terra firma, there is a host of options for recreation and sport in Pattaya – tennis, golf, go karting, shooting, fishing and diving, among other options. The best part is that it is relatively inexpensive, which is why Pattaya is frequently chosen as a destination for corporate getaways that involve team building activities.

For adventurous tourists, one of the best things to do in Pattaya is go karting. Speeding along the twists and turns of the go karting track, with the thrill of spinning out of control around a bend can be one of the most fun Pattaya activities. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, doing laps around the tracks is a good way to spend your time either competing with friends or total strangers. There are several options, including Easykart's Go Karting track in Pattaya at Bali Hai Pier, which is the largest in the area with two tracks. It is also one of the most high tech leisure sport tracks in Asia.

For those who prefer a more macho Rambo-like form of activity, heading to a Shooting Range in Pattaya is a possibility. You can try your hand at shooting pistols, hand guns or machine guns and relive your dreams of being an action hero. Whether you like shooting as a hobby or just want to try something different that will make you holiday memorable, shooting can be among the various things to do in Pattaya. There are both indoor and outdoor shooting galleries to choose from.

The beaches and fresh water lakes in and around the area make fishing another recreation option for those looking for things to do in Pattaya. Besides deep sea fishing expeditions, there are also Fishing Parks in Pattaya that offer facilities such as gear rentals, food and drink. This is a great way to spend a quiet and relaxing day communing with nature.

The Royal Cliff Tennis Courts in Pattaya

Sports fans who are looking for activities to do in Pattaya or those who play for the sake of fitness can have their fair share of physical activity playing sports such as tennis or golf. Tennis is a popular sport the world over, which is why there are several hotels and clubs in Pattaya that have indoor and outdoor courts where guests or members can play. For tennis enthusiasts, the way to get access to the best tennis courts in Pattaya is by staying at luxury hotels such as the Royal Cliff Hotel or the Siam Bayshore Hotel.

Thailand is famous for its beautiful golf courses with lush greens and tropical scenery. For western tourists who can’t play golf throughout the year in their home countries, playing a round of golf in the sunshine at one of the courses is top of the list of things to do in Pattaya. There are several world class courses in and around Pattaya, where green fees are extremely affordable, especially when compared to similar facilities abroad. Popular among these Golf Courses in Pattaya are Laem Chabang, which is a Jack Nicklaus designed course, and Bangpra International Golf Club, one of the oldest courses in the area. Besides this, there are also several driving ranges in Pattaya.

Water sports are among the exciting things to do in Pattaya. A major reason for their popularity is that they are reasonably priced in Pattaya compared to other places. Among the various water sports, Scuba diving is among the best Pattaya things to do for tourists who are either looking to get certification or just enjoying being with the undersea creatures on a dive trip to coral islands or ship wrecks. There are several Diving centres in Pattaya that conduct courses and organize day trips at affordable prices.

Whether you are a long term visitor looking for things to do in Pattaya that lets you meet fellow travellers and not get bored or you are visiting just for a few days to experience some adventure, you will not be disappointed. With excellent facilities at unbelievable prices, it is easy to understand why Pattaya is the second most visited city in Thailand after Bangkok.

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