The Quick Trips

by Signe
(Georgia, USA)

We lived in Thailand 2 years and spent at least 6 months of the time there at Pattaya. I was 13 at the time and the memories I have are the best! Back in 1962-64 we lived in Bangkok while my dad was assigned to JUSMAG but, my mom, sister & I spent as much time as possible at Pattaya! Loved it.

Mom, my sister & I were staying there one month, and dad & his boss had come down for the weekend. We went over to one of the islands on a fishing boat. A storm came in, Dad wanted to stay and let it blow over but his boss, Col. N, was with us and wanted to head back so we did... to his chagrin he wound up puking into his hat on the way back.... he should of listened to his Maj.

Another time I went to the store to get some bread, since I was the only one in the family to have a fair grasp of Thai, I ran into a problem though, every one started laughing at me because I asked for "khanumpang ping" instead of Khanumpang! Needless to say we were planning on making toast!

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Jun 13, 2016
Who are you?
by: Sgt. Rick

We too were with JUSMAG and visited Pataya. Then there were
only a few structures along the beach. And remember how blue
the water was on that island beach? Email us at

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