Thailand Food is Amazing

Why is Thailand food amazing?

Papaya Salad in Pattaya

Well most Thai recipes originate from centuries ago, and as they have been passed on they have also been developed over the years. The result many generations later is a taste that is unique and truly amazing. In fact many people consider Thai food as some of the best food in the world. When you also take into consideration the service and hospitality that is always provided, you have one of the many reasons why so many people return to Thailand each year.

Most Thai food is freshly cooked using only the freshest of ingredients. Thai herbs and spices are then added along with chillies to flavour and spice the dishes. Various noodles and rice dishes are usually always served, and there certainly seems to be no shortage of fish and other seafood. When added to the pork, beef and abundance of chicken that is available, you will find that almost any menu you view, will offer you many mouth watering delights, and most are excellent value for money.

Thailand Fruit

Are you curious as to what Thai people consider is a well balanced meal?

Well one of the various soup dishes would usually be served along with either a spicy salad or Thai curry dish. Plenty of fresh vegetables and always served, and more often than not a freshly cooked fish dish is the order of the day. Steamed rice or noodles would also be served, along with various spicy and chilli dips.

Usually you will find that after all the main courses, Thai people like to finish their meals by eating plenty of fresh fruit.

Particularly in the villages you will find that most Thais do not normally eat alone, meal times are usually always spent with family and friends. This allows them to share the various dishes that are on offer, giving them more choice of what to eat, and also allows them time to discuss the days events.

Prawns with Cashew Nuts & Chillies in Pattaya

So what about Pattaya, what type of food is available there?

Thai Spring Rolls

Well like most main tourist resorts in Thailand, Pattaya has as many different types of food as you could ever imagine. Here you will find small family owned food outlets serving local Thai recipes, local street traders selling snacks and other Thailand food, world class restaurants providing the very best food and service, even most international fast food chains have a presence here in Pattaya.

So regardless of what type of food you would like to eat in Thailand, you can be sure that it’s available in Pattaya.

Most tourists and residents do agree though, that the best food to eat in Pattaya is Thai food!

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