The Submarine Pattaya!

The Thai Submarine Pattaya Tour is one of those tourist attractions in Pattaya that you simply must see and experience for yourself.

The Submarine PattayaThis Thai submarine tour is going to give you a unique experience in that you can explore an underwater world by way of a yellow submarine. Get comfortable, sit tight and get a firsthand look at a variety of different fishes, corals and other life underwater. There will be all kinds of distinct marine fish species to see up close and personal, experiencing something truly amazing during your visit to Pattaya, Thailand.

If you want to take in the beauty and splendor that the marine world of Thailand has to offer, then doing it by the U-Boottour yellow submarine is the way to go. This classic style submarine will bring you down into a unique marine world, allowing you to see brightly colored marine fishes in their natural habitat. When looking for things to do in Pattaya, you should consider the benefit of experiencing the natural wildlife of the area, not only man made attractions and tourist spots. This Pattaya Submarine Tour is a unique chance for you to see sea life in an up close and personal manner. Places to visit in Pattaya such as this one allow you to see a world that not everyone gets to experience.

There are several different tour options offered by the Thai Submarine Pattaya Tour program, and you will travel under the sea with a professional Submarine guide who will give vital information along the way, helping you to not only see the fish and marine life, but also learn about them as you go. On weekdays, tours are offered at 10.30 hours as well as 13.00 hours. On weekends, the tours are offered at 10.30, 11.20 and at 13.00 hours.

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