Soi Post Office & Soi Yamato Go Go Bars

Soi Post Office, which is often referred to as Soi 13/2, is a street in Pattaya that is well known for its beer bars, and also because it is where the main post office in Pattaya is situated. However not everyone knows that it also has a few go go bars. So if you are looking to experience the nightlife for which Pattaya is so well-known, this Soi and the nearby Soi Yamato which also has a few go go bars are good options to consider. When bar hopping along Beach Road or around the Soi Pattayaland Go Go Bars why not also check out these two streets. Here is a list of options that are available along both streets, which have an abundance of beer bars and short time bars in addition to the Go Go bars:

Soi Post Office bars

These bars are located in the stretch between Beach Road and Pattaya Second Road on the street that is also referred to as Soi 13/2.

Club Nevada
When you turn off from Beach Road into Soi 13/2, you will find Club Nevada located on the left hand side of the road, after Pizza Hut. This is a popular afternoon destination among the Soi Post Office beer bars and go-go bars, as it opens from 1 pm until late night.

Far East Rock
This go go bar, which is best known for its rock and roll music, is located on Soi 13/2 Pattaya on the right hand side of the road, opposite Club Nevada Agogo. It opens from 1 pm to 10pm. This is one of the Soi Post Office go go bars where lady boys can be found.

Hot & Cold
When you enter Soi 13/2 from the Pattaya Second Road, you will find Hot & Cold Agogo located around 50 metres on the right hand side of the road. This Soi Post Office go go bar opens at 3 pm and closes around 10 pm.

Soi Yamato Go Go Bars

This is also a road that stretches between Beach Road and Pattaya Second. It is parallel to Soi Post Office and is also referred to as Soi 13/1 Pattaya.

Las Vegas
This is another option for afternoon entertainment in Pattaya as the bar opens from 12 pm until late night. When you walk down Beach Road, you will find Las Vegas Agogo on the right hand side, in between some of the Soi Yamato beer bars.

This go go bar is a Lady Boy bar located on Soi 13/1. If you are looking for an encounter with a lady boy to experience a different side of Pattaya nightlife, this is the place to go. It is closer to the Second Road end.

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While most tourists flock to in the evening the area between Soi 13 and 16, where the Walking Street go go bars are located, for experiencing the best nightlife in Pattaya, there are others who find the area too crowded. The Soi Yamato and Post Office go go bars are a good alternative. Since Walking Street bars open only later in the evening, the bars on Soi 13/1 and 13/2 are the place to head to if you are looking for some afternoon relaxation. In addition, the proximity to other Beach Road Go Go bars and the Soi Pattayaland bars in Soi 1 & 2, make them a good choice for bar hopping in the early evening before you head to the party on Walking Street.

Besides go go bars, these two streets also have many beer bars, which are less expensive. The list of Soi Post Office Beer bars includes Bodega, Copenhagen, Fiesta, Kittens, Malibu (which has a cabaret show) and The Thistle. Some of these bars have rooms upstairs. Besides this, Soi Post office has several short time or BJ bars and a few restaurants. The choice of Soi Yamato Beer bars include Belgium, Chez Dominique, Club 131, Dogs Bollocks, Jolly Roger, Jungle, Lazi Pig, Legless Arms, Monkey Business, Moulin Rouge and Scandinavia, among others. The two streets have lots of daytime options, making it perfect for an afternoon of exploring what Pattaya has to offer.

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