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Soi Pattayaland Go Go Bars Near Walking Street PattayaSoi Pattayaland go go bars can be found in three Pattaya streets, Soi 13/3, 13/4 and 13/5 (the latter of which is better known as Boyztown). Together, these streets provide diversity in terms of the options available for experiencing the nightlife as in addition to regular girlie bars, they also have gay and ladyboy go go bars. Like many agogos in the city, these Pattaya go go bars come alive at night after 8 pm. You will also find a few that are open in the afternoon or early evening. Here is a list of the various go go bars in this area.

Soi Pattayaland 1 (Soi 13/3)

This street is a good option for experiencing gay Pattaya nightlife as there isn’t a single girlie go go here. Besides the gay go go bars, there are a few beer bars where you might find girls, but don’t expect sexy shows in the beer bars like you would find in girlie go go bars. The beer bars that keep the Soi Pattayaland go go bars company on this street includes The Sin Bin, Sugar Shack and Pussy Galore Sports bar. In addition, there is Narcissus, a gay massage place where either couples or singles can get massages from boys of their choice.

Splash Boys
This gay go go bar replaced the Gentlemen’s Club, which was previously located in the same premises. As the name suggests, this is one of the Soi Pattayaland gogo bars that have a shower show where you can watch a couple of young men splashing around erotically or soaping each other up. These shows usually take place once every hour starting from 8pm.

Super Show bar
This bar, which opened in September 2011, has well-choreographed shows with nice costumes. Usually, four to five boys dance on stage during these shows. Like other Pattaya go go bars, you can watch the show or get one of the cute boys to join you at the table by buying them a drink. Shows usually take place at 10.30 pm and 12.00 am.

X Boys Pattaya
Among the go go bars Soi Pattayaland has, X Boys is popular for its explicit sex shows, erotic bathing shows and almost-nude parades. There is also the regular dancing on stage, and there are tall, short, lean, muscular or any other types of boys who you might fancy, but most are mature rather than young. There are usually two shows, one at 10pm and the other at 11.30 pm.

This is another among the Soi Pattayaland go go bars that have slightly older boys compared to some other bars where the boys look underage. It is one of the well-established gay bars on the street, having been around for a few years. Dancers perform on a central stage, which has tiered seating around it. The bar is open from 8 pm until 1 am.

Kawaii Boys
Like several other Soi Pattayaland go go bars, Kawaii has younger bar boys and dancers. They are famous for their ‘jiggle’ shows where dancers do just that on stage for the spectator’s entertainment.

Soi Pattayaland 2 (Soi 13/4)

Unlike its neighbour Soi 13/3, this street has a mix of Soi Pattayaland go go bars, some girlie bars and a few gay boy bars. Besides this, it has a popular ladyboy bar, several beer bars and the Penthouse Hotel, which is a favourite among travellers who are looking for quick access to the Pattaya nightlife since many good go go bars are within easy reach, some on the same street, not to mention the same building. The beer bars in the street include Cheers, Dino’s, Sue’s place and Palmers.

A Bomb
This boys’ go go bar located on Pattayaland 2 is one of the oldest and most popular Soi Pattayaland go go bars because of its friendly hosts and not so pushy attitude. In general, the boys are more mature and well-built (muscular).

Wild West Boys
Among the larger bars in the area, Wild West is a gay venue where you will find boys of different ages and physiques, whether you like lean or muscular. It is also reputed for having some of the best shows among the Soi Pattayaland gogo bars, including the tantalising shower show. Shows are held at 10.30 pm and midnight every day.

Happy Place
This go go bar has been open for around a year and a half. It has an excellent sound and lighting system with gadgets such as smoke machines adding to the ambience. It is well-known among Soi Pattayaland go go bars for the monthly bingo where the winner gets to take the boy of his choice home without having to pay the bar fine.

A ladyboy bar on Soi Pattayaland 2, it is located at the bottom of Penthouse Hotel and is a great tourist attraction for those who want to see the famous katoeys as part of their Pattaya nightlife experience. This bar has some well-choreographed shows that are worth watching. Along with Kitten Club, this bar belongs to the same group that owns the Penthouse hotel.

Kitten Club
With bathing and Jacuzzi shows, topless dancing as well as nude dancing, Kitten Club is a popular girlie bar in the neighbourhood. Like the lady boy bar Obsessions, this bar is located at the bottom of the Penthouse hotel. Unlike the gay Soi Pattayaland go go bars, which open only after 8 pm, this bar opens from 5 pm onwards. There is a bonus for guests staying at the hotel, as a relay of the action and the girls performing in the bar is relayed to the TVs in the rooms.

This is the oldest among the Soi Pattayaland go go bars and has a sister unit, Classroom 2, on Beach Road. The girls in this bar dress in sexy school uniforms instead of the standard bikinis and G-strings that is a common dress code in most of the other girlie go go bars.

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Besides these Soi Pattayaland go go bars, for nightlife enthusiasts the options for bar hopping increase as the access to the bars in nearby streets and roads is easy. Soi 13/3 is just a street away from the Soi Post Office/Soi Yamato Go Go bars. Since all these streets connect to Beach Road from where Walking Street is a few steps away, there is additionally a long list of Walking Street go go bars to choose from. For gay travellers, the Boyztown entertainment complex in Pattayaland 3 has lots of options.

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