Soi Buakhao
Home to Some of Pattaya’s Best Nightlife

Soi Buakhao is an area with a range of beer bars, go-go bars, restaurants and hotels. However, since it is located in a street away from the main Beach Road area, it is less crowded as not everyone comes across it unless through recommendations. Along with Soi Diana Inn and Soi LK Metro nearby, this street has some of the best Pattaya bars within easy reach. It is a perfect option for a quieter evening out to enjoy the city’s nightlife.


Running parallel to Pattaya Second Road and Third Road, Soi Buakhao stretches from Pattaya Central Road (Pattaya Klang) to Pattaya South Road (Pattaya Tai). Soi Diana Inn is located off this street and Second Road, while Soi LK Metro forms an L-shaped street that has entrances from Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana Inn.

What to expect

Almost every area in the city has its share of nightlife in the form of beer bars, go-go bars and coyote bars with Pattaya bar girls who are willing to perform any service either short time or for the whole night, at the right price, of course. There are many bars, hotels and restaurants along Soi Buakhao. Of this, Pook Swan House, a guesthouse run by the Pook Bar chain that employs ladyboys, is convenient as it has rooms, a restaurant and a bar attached. The sister concern Pook Bar Pattaya, which is located on Soi 6 is a popular ladyboy bar in the city.

There are several Go-Go bars in Soi Buakhao, the best of which is Oasis that is located 100 metres away from the Soi LK Metro entrance. This bar is reputed to have some of the best looking bar girls in Pattaya and is a lively place with a nice ambience and good music. The party starts every evening from 5 pm up to 10 pm, which is the happy hour and carries on until the wee hours of the morning, with the last order at 3 pm. This bar on Soi Buakhao Pattaya is a favourite with locals, expats and tourists alike, so it is best to get there early, if you want a seat. Further along the street from Oasis is Club Blu, a popular Coyote Bar, which also has some stunning dancers. Devil’s Den, a short time bar, is just a short distance away on Soi LK Metro.

There are also several British run pubs, bars, restaurants and guesthouses in and around Soi Buakhao and adjoining streets such as LK Metro, which has earned it the title of Little Britain in Pattaya. Of these Sweethearts is a popular guesthouse and bar. Others include Butcher’s Arm, Crazy Dave’s, Irish Rovers, Nicky’s Bar, Stag’s Head and Witherspoon’s.

Like in other parts of the city, you can walk into a bar or pub, buy a drink and take a look at the Pattaya girls who work there. The girls have numbers attached to their clothing or shoes so you can identify them easily. If a girl catches your eye, you can mention her number to the hostess and call her off stage to come and sit with you. As part of the etiquette of nightlife in Pattaya, it is customary to buy the girl a drink and then fix a price if you want to take her out of the bar. The cost of hiring a bar girl’s company for the night will vary depending on whether you fancy a coyote, a go-go dancer, a hostess or a bar girl. Usually bar girls are the cheapest, with coyotes and go-go bar girls being the most sought after for their good looks.

Thai Dating, Singles and Personals

While enjoying the pleasures that Pattaya nightlife has to offer remember that as per Thai laws, prostitution is illegal. This means that you run the risk of imprisonment if you are caught in a compromising position by cops for buying sexual favours, irrespective of the type of sex or the gender of your partner. In addition, if you do get a companion for the night and take her back to your hotel room, keep your valuables safe so that you don’t wake up to find that the girl of your dreams has vanished taking with her your most prized possessions.

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