Soi Buakhao Go Go Bars – The Best Options

The Soi Buakhao go go bars are located in the street that is parallel to Pattaya Second Road and Pattaya Third Road. It has entrances from Pattaya Klang and Pattaya South Road. Besides some of the most popular go go bars in the city, Soi Buakhao also has restaurants, hotels and other business establishments. As a result, it presents a more relaxed option for experiencing Pattaya nightlife compared to crowded and aggressive areas such as Walking Street. The go go bars in Soi Buakhao are listed below.

Oasis Club A Go Go

Club Oasis A Go Go Bar in Soi Buakhao PattayaThis go go bar has been in operation since 2006. It is located in Soi Buakhao close to the entrance to Soi LK Metro. Like many other Pattaya go go bars, it opens in the early evening at 5 pm and offers a happy hour until 10 pm. However, if you want to see the best looking girls from this go go bar in Soi Buakhao, you should go later in the evening as the sexiest girls dance later in the night. There is an oval stage towards the centre where around ten girls pole dance at a time, rotating when the music changes so that they cover the entire stage. Besides this, girls also dance on some of the table tops placed around the bar. There is a general party atmosphere with friendly girls, good music and dancing. Oasis is one of the Soi Buakhao gogo bars that stay open really late, sometimes until 3 am. Topless and nude dancing as well as hourly erotic shows can be expected.

Sugar Sugar

Located at the corner of the street where Soi LK Metro joins Soi Buakhao, Sugar Sugar is the newer of the two popular Soi Buakhao go go bars.

Sugar Sugar A Go-Go in Soi LK Metro PattayaIt replaced Liquid Lounge that used to be in the same premises. The bar has entrances from both Soi Buakhao and Soi LK Metro. Inside, there is a central stage with poles. Tiered seating with benches is located on one side while the other side has tables with stools. Like many of the beer bars and go go bars Soi Buakhao has, it is open until very late.

Besides these two Soi Buakhao go go bars, the area has many night time entertainment options. Popular among this is the bar at Sweethearts hotel located further down Soi Buakhao, which offers a relaxing evening out. In addition, the L-shaped street branching off from it is where you will find the LK Metro go go bars such as Submarine, MASH, Champagne, Office and Paradise. All these put together present exciting options in the neighbourhood for experiencing the best of the nightlife that the city has to offer.

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