Soi 7 Go Go Bars & Soi 8 Go Go Bars
Central Pattaya’s Best Nightlife

Sexy Girls A Go-Go in Soi 7 PattayaCentral Pattaya’s best nightlife can be found in the Soi 7 go go bars, which are located between Pattaya Beach Road and Second Road. Nearby on the parallel street, the Soi 8 go go bars also have a few good options. Together, these two narrow roads have an array of open air beer bars and other commercial establishments such as travel shops, restaurants, salons, massage shops and hotels, which present a perfect place for strolling down in early evenings. They offer a more relaxed side of Pattaya nightlife compared to the more aggressive selling on Walking Street. Here is the list of go go bars in these two streets.

Soi 7 Go Go Bars

Clinic A Go Go
This is one of the smaller Soi 7 go go bars and is relatively new, having opened in December 2010. You can recognise it by the sterile white décor (which changes colour with lighting) and the large neon sign in the shape of a cross. It plays mainly club music, and like many other go go bars, there is a bath in the rear where you can watch nude bathing shows.

Silver Star 2 A Go Go
If you are looking for Soi 7 gogo bars, Silver Star 2 is the best you can get. It is an old style go go bar with a stage at the centre and seating all around – no tables. Like many other Pattaya go go bars, Silver Star 2 has a Jacuzzi at the back where you can watch two of the beautiful bar girls frolicking in the bubbles. It is located closer to the Beach Road end of the street. The bar is the liveliest of all the Soi 7 go go bars and is open from 7.30 pm to late night.

Sexy A Go Go
This was another of the Soi 7 go go bars, but has been closed for renovation and is expected to open in December 2012. It is located closer to the Second Road end of the street.

Soi 8 Go Go Bars

Silver Star 1
Like its sister establishment on Soi 7, Silver Star one has a conventional design with a central stage with space for around 10 dancers and a bath show at the back. This is among the Soi 8 & Soi 7 go go bars that have been around for many years. The bar is open from 7 pm onwards and is closer to the Beach Road end of Soi 8.

Sexy Girls A Go Go
Sexy Girls Go Go is a relatively small establishment compared to other Soi 7 & Soi 8 go go bars. It is located close to Second Road and opens from 7 pm every night. The stage has five poles for dancing, and there is a bath at the back for the usual soap and lather show. Although the bar is small, it has mirrored walls so that you see everything that’s going on. TV screens play music video clips.

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Besides the go go bars on Soi 7 & 8, the area has several go go bars in the neighbourhood. Some popular Beach Road go go bars such as World Wide a go go is located between the Soi 7 & Soi 8 entrances on Beach Road. In addition, across Second Road, the Soi Post Office / Soi Yamato Go Go bars are within walking distance. These include popular bars such as Far East Rock, Club Nevada, Hot and Cold and Las Vegas, which all put together, make Central Pattaya go go bars a good option for those looking for something away from the action of Walking Street.

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