Soi 15 Walking Street Go Go Bars

The Soi 15 Walking Street go go bars are located on a street that connects Walking Street and Pratumnak Road (Pattaya Second Road). From the Walking Street side, when you enter from the Beach Road entrance towards the Bali Hai pier, Soi 15 is almost at the midpoint, running parallel to Soi 14 and Soi Diamond. You will see the blue neon street marker on the left hand side near the Family Mart sign. There are several Pattaya go go bars on this street, some of which are among the city’s most popular ones. They are a great option for enjoying the evening. The go go bars listed below are all on Soi 15. Clubbed with the nearby attractions on Walking Street, they offer some of the best Pattaya nightlife venues.

Baby Dolls

Often rated one of the best go go bars in Pattaya, Baby Dolls, which opened in 2006 has changed hands several times over the past few years. It is one of the most interactive Soi 15 Walking Street go go bars as the team of dancers are split up so that half of them sit on customer’s laps while the others dance on stage. Dancers could be skimpily clad, topless or nude. The bar opens at 8 pm every night and stays open until 1.30, sometimes longer. There are also two naughty areas where you can see girls playing with each other.

Whats Up

This is also one of the interactive Soi 15 go go bars. It is known for its well-choreographed Vegas-style cabaret shows. There is a central stage where the girls dance, while the ones who are not dancing are more than willing to sit on customers laps. It also has an area with a bathing/Jacuzzi show. Whats Up opens for business from 8 pm every night.


Located across the street from Whats Up, Mistys is one of the Go Go Bars in Soi 15 that has an elevated stage where around eight dancers perform at a time. There are tables and booths around the main stage. The Club has around sixty go go girls and a thrilling ambience with state of the art lighting, mirror top podiums and hi tech sound system.


Like many other Soi 15 Walking Street go go bars Angelwitch also has well-choreographed shows that are popular. The bar is located on the left side of the street, closer towards the Pattaya Second Road. It opens at 8 pm daily. Shows take place after 10 pm and go on up to 1 pm.


This bar is located on the left hand side closer to Walking Street and has replaced one of the earlier Go Go Bars Soi 15 Walking Street had – Game Bird 2. It has a long rectangular stage in the centre around which there is comfortable sofa seating. Besides go go dancers, this club has a large number of coyotes. A Jacuzzi at the back has seating around it for those who want to watch a naughty show.

Beach Club

This is one of the bars that have the same ownership as some other well-known Pattaya go go bars, including Peppermint and Happy. The focus is on table dancing, so the bar has several poles and mirror-top podiums where the girls dance. These are surrounded by tables or lounges. Beach Club opens at 8 pm every night.

Tiger A Go Go

This go go bar has the same ownership as Shark, which is located on the neighbouring Soi Diamond. This is one of the Soi 15 Walking Street go go bars where there is nude dancing as well as coyotes. In addition, there is the usual bathing show.

Thai Dating, Singles and Personals

Although the street is close to Walking Street, the Soi 15 Walking Street go go bars are great fun due to the excellent shows that many of them have. Some of these are so well made that you might even consider taking your date there. The Walking Street go go bars are a stone’s throw away, for those who want something raunchier. Besides this, on the next turning to the left on Walking Street, there are also several Soi Diamond Walking Street go go bars to explore.

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