Second Road Pattaya
Beer Bars and Soapy Massages

Second Road Pattaya stretches all the way from South Pattaya to the Dolphin roundabout in North Pattaya. This road is popular because of the large number of beer bars that are located off it at different spots along the road. Of these, the most well-known sections of the road are Drinking Street Pattaya, which is a relatively new complex with beer bars, and Soi 1 and Soi 2. Some of the popular bars on Soi 1 and Soi 2 have relocated to the Drinking Street complex after being displaced by the reconstruction work in the neighbourhood.


Drinking Street on Second Road Pattaya is located opposite Tiffany’s Pattaya, which is a major tourist attraction for its ladyboy cabaret shows. It is a complex with around nine bars. The complex has come up only in the recent years, and as a result the bars are still new and in good condition. Most of the beer bars in the area are open from around 4pm to 2 am.

Off Second Road Soi 1 & Soi 2 also have a concentration of Pattaya Bars. These streets are located opposite the Big C Festival Centre Mall in North Pattaya and stretch between Pattaya 2nd Road and Beach Road. Besides beer bars, Soi 1 & 2 also have go go bars (such as Classroom 2), coyote bars and soapy massage parlours.

What to expect

Second Road Pattaya is best known for its open air beer bars. Some of them are large and airy, providing a delightful ambience to sit and have a few drinks while trying to chat up the friendly bar girls. When you walk past the bars, you will have the usual punters and some of the working girls calling out to get your attention, some polite and others suggestive. If you like the look of the bar or one of the Pattaya bar girls, you can get a table inside and buy them a lady drink.

Beer bars are different from Go Go bars in the sense that there are no poles with skimpily clad dancers performing tricks for you. In the bars along Second Road Pattaya, you will find bar girls who try to get you to pick them up either for short time or long time (all night) encounters. You can take them away for a while by paying a bar fine. The Pattaya girls who work at the beer bars are the most affordable of the working girls, compared to the Go Go bars, Hostess bars and Coyote bars. Of course, you may find freelancers along Beach Road willing to work for lower rates, but bars girls are a safer option as you are less likely to have the girl disappear with your valuables.

In addition to the bars, the soapy massage parlours in the area around Second Road Pattaya present another interesting dimension to the city’s nightlife. While Thai massages are famous for rejuvenation, body soapy massages are more erotic in nature, where the masseuse soaps you and massages you with bubbles, lather and full body contact. Needless to say, special services of a sexual nature are part of the package, making these massages one of the most enjoyable and least stressful options of nightlife in Pattaya.

Like with the bars, these soapy massage parlours have a reception area with a glass wall or ‘fish bowl’ behind which the girls sit dressed in beautiful evening gowns or short skirts. You can view them before choosing the one who will give you a ‘massage’. The best known body massage parlours are Sabai Land, Sabai Room and Sabai Dee, on the corner of Second Road Pattaya and Soi 2. Of course, these massages are not exactly cheap and can cost up to 1700 baht plus tips. However, it will be the most relaxing and erotic 90 minutes that you experience as the girls shower you, rub you down with their private parts, and then you get to have the ‘happy ending’ of your choice on an inflatable mattress in the room.

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So for tourists who want to get away from the crowds in Walking Street or the aggressive atmosphere of Soi 6, Second Road Pattaya offers a range of laid back options. Although the girls may not be as stunning as the ones in the coyote or go go bars, the best part of Pattaya 2nd road is that there are so many beer bars that you can hop from one to the other without spending as much as you would in a go go bar, until you find a girlfriend for the night.

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