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There are many Second Road go go bars located along the stretch from South Pattaya to North Pattaya. While some of these bars are located on Second Road, there are several others in the lively Sois that lead off from it. Together these bars present a less crowded and more relaxed option for experiencing Pattaya nightlife in comparison to busy areas such as walking street. Of the various options in the area, Tim’s Beer Bar and Classroom 2 A Go Go are located on Second Road.

Tim’s Beer Bar

On Second Road near the turn off to Soi 14, opposite Mike’s Shopping Mall, Tim’s is one of the largest go go bars Second Road Pattaya has to offer. In fact, Tim’s which was earlier on Beach Road moved to Second Road with the intention of expanding business. Besides a classy go go bar, the building has an open air beer bar and a large pool hall in the rear of the complex. In addition to this, in the street behind the go go bar Tim’s also has it’s very own boutique hotel complete with swimming pool, gift shop and luxury rooms for rent. With everything within easy access, this is one of the popular Second Road go go bars. It opens every day at 1pm and closes at 2am. Music is mainly rock n roll.

Classroom 2 A Go Go

Just off Second Road, at the corner of Soi 2 in North Pattaya, opposite the Big C Festival Centre is where you will find Classroom II. This go-go bar has recently been refurbished and as the name suggests has go go dancers dressed in cute school uniforms. It has over the years become a popular Second Road Pattaya go go bar for visitors to North Pattaya. The bar opens at 8pm, and like other Pattaya go go bars, it stays open until the early hours of the morning.

Besides these two go go bars, Second Road offers a lot of options for an evening out. In the Central Pattaya part of the road, there are the Soi 7 & 8 Go Go bars, including Silver Star 1 & 2 and Sexy A Go Go, in the two streets that connect Second Road to Beach Road.

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Then Towards the South Pattaya area, there are the Soi Pattayaland Go Go bars in Soi 1 & 2 off Pattaya Road. Nearby in Soi 13/1 and Soi 13/2 also, there are many options to choose from among the Soi Post Office / Soi Yamato Go Go bars. So, if you are looking for a relaxed evening hopping from one go go bar to the next in search of the perfect girl, there are a lot of choices if you consider the Second road go go bars on the main road as well as those on the smaller streets off it.

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