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While many people do a web search for real estate investment Pattaya to look for a property to invest in so that they can cash in on the real estate boom that the city has been witnessing, not everyone benefits. While running a search for investment properties for sale in Pattaya, besides listings by real estate companies or condo developers, there are also stories of overseas investors who have fallen prey to scams by investing in property without taking basic precautions. Doubtless the prospect of a lucrative Pattaya investment may require a quick decision to be made before a dream condo slips away from your grasp. However, it is advisable to take some precautionary measures before investing.

Here are some guidelines on what needs to be done to ensure that your real experience in the real estate market in Pattaya is not a negative one.

Check if the title is genuine

There are many instances of investors getting conned into buying property without a valid title. A property that is for sale as an investment may be listed on a website and seem to be a dream buy in terms of location, view and facilities. However, a common problem faced by people making an investment in property overseas is that after the sale, they discover the title deed was forged, and the real owner still has possession of the condo. The payment for the sale cannot be recovered as the real estate investment Pattaya company they dealt with is untraceable. Thus, it is essential to get the title deed verified by legal experts to ensure that it is clear and that there are no loans or mortgages taken against the property.

Verify the features and facilities

Most pre construction condos and resale apartments look beautiful in the photographs on a website. As a result, it is easy to get taken in by their features or facilities. However, in reality, the real estate investment Pattaya offers with a sea view might mean a distant and hazy sighting of the ocean from a break in high rise construction in front. Similarly, a swimming pool may turn out to be more of a splash pool rather than a lap pool. It is important for real estate investors to do a physical inspection to verify that everything is in order, and here once again the distance from Pattaya poses a problem.

Look at the legal aspects

Real estate investment Pattaya is governed by Thai property laws, which disallows land ownership by foreigners and has restrictions as far as condo investments are concerned. Usually, most condominiums would allow for only a percentage of units being sold to foreign investors looking at real estate investment opportunities. Hence, before locking up funds in a property that you are not legally entitled to own, it is best to verify facts from an expert dealing with property laws.

For overseas investors, distance stands in the way of being physically able to verify the property features. In addition, it may be difficult to find a reliable lawyer who can help with legal aspects. This is where a property investment Pattaya company can step in to help. While not all real estate agents can be trusted, there are some professional property investment companies that offer comprehensive services to clients, from legal verifications to property inspections and investment advice.

Among these firms, Thailand Property stands out for its level of professionalism and experience in the investment market in Pattaya. Besides having a verified listing of new and resale properties on their website, they undertake thorough checks of the title deed and make the effort of understanding the client’s needs before offering advice on an investment property that is in Pattaya.

If you are looking at investing in a property in Pattaya and want to get in touch with a property investment company for professional assistance, then they are a safe bet. You can contact them through their website, or if you are in the city, pay a visit to their office, which is located in View Talay 5 in Jomtien, to get started with your Pattaya real estate investment search.

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