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How to Get a Good Deal

If you are looking at listings of Property for sale Pattaya, you may either be a seller trying to find the fair market value of your property or a buyer looking at investing at a good price, but how do you judge whether you are getting the best deal?

Property for Sale in Pattaya House in PattayaIf you live in Pattaya, chances are that you may have family, friends or acquaintances, who have bought or sold property, and you will hear from them about the price that they paid or received for their condo or house. However, if you are new to the city, then the wise option would be to contact a good Pattaya real estate agent as the agent would be able to ensure that you aren’t cheated.

With knowledge of the market trends and the price at which a similar property was sold in the recent past, the agent would offer advice keeping your best interests in mind.

Once you appoint an agent to look after your property for sale Pattaya, at the first stage you need to find out the market value of your property so you can decide on an asking price. Arrange for your agent to do an appraisal by visiting the property, as this will give him an idea of the condition, location and facilities. If you are getting multiple agents to appraise your property, don’t blindly go with the one who gives you the highest valuation. Instead compare the quotes and opt for the ones that are realistic as this would ensure that your property in Pattaya is sold quickly rather than waiting in vain for an unrealistically high asking price to be met. Similarly, if you want to buy property, getting a real estate agent to look at the Pattaya property for sale will give you an idea, whether the asking price is fair.

Don’t rely only on an appraisal, whether you want to buy or sell. Get your real estate agent to do a comparative analysis of similar properties that were bought or sold recently. A good agent will have this information in his records and will be able to share it with you. This will help you compare if the asking price is fair and give you the opportunity to question your agent if there is a difference in price for your property for sale Pattaya compared to others.

It is also important to consider the prevailing market conditions before fixing a fair price for the property. Your agent should be able to advise you on whether it is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. If you are looking at buying property, the best sale prices for property Pattaya listings will be at a time when the real estate market is slow.

Property for Sale Pattaya Villa in PattayaOn the other hand, the ideal time to cash in on property for sale Pattaya is during a boom period as you would be able to get almost any price that you quote. A typical time when such a situation arises is when the value of the local currency crashes, making it lucrative for foreign investors to invest in property at lower prices than usual.

Rather than holding on to your property for sale Pattaya for a long time in the hope of someday getting your asking price, it may be wise to consider the costs involved in maintaining the property while calculating the net gain from the best offer price. If you feel it does not make sense to wait unnecessarily for several months to get the price that you expect, considering the amount you would have to spend on the upkeep in the meantime, sell your property to the person making the highest offer. Similarly, if you see the house of your dreams listed among the Pattaya property for sale, it may be a good idea to stretch your budget a little to snap it up rather than wait in anticipation that the seller will agree to a lower price only to face disappointment when you hear that the property was sold at a marginally higher price.

It is difficult for a lay person to make wise decisions when it comes to property buying and selling. Using a reliable agent can make a world of difference when you are looking at property for sale Pattaya. Most good agents have websites where you can browse through the listings to get an idea of the prices that you can expect to pay or receive in a particular area. However, it is best to get expert advice from them rather than taking a decision on your own that you might regret later. I used Thailand Property when I was looking for a property to buy and can only say how happy I was with the comprehensive services that Ian provided me.

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