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Pattaya Walking Street Girls This is a photo of a couple of Pattaya Walking Street Girls trying to entice customers into the Silver Star A G0-Go bar where they work. As you can see they have a Jacuzzi show in this bar, and you will also find many Pattaya girls dancing on the stage and on the tables.

Pattaya Walking Street Girls These Pattaya Walking Street girls work at the Fahrenheit Go Go bar in Walking Street. This bar is one of the latest additions to the Pattaya nightlife scene. Inside you will find scantily clad girls dancing on the stage, and also above you on a small glass walkway.

Pattaya Walking Street Girls This Walking Street Girl works at the FLB bar and you will find her outside the bar trying to tempt you inside for a drink. The FLB bar is a great bar where sometimes they have live music and you can sit and chill and talk to the lovely hostesses, this is not a Go-Go bar.

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Pattaya Walking Street Girls These Pattaya Girls work at one of the most famous and well established bars in Pattaya. The Happy A Go-Go bar has some of the best Go-Go girls Pattaya has to offer. You can take a draft beer for only 59 baht and relax and watch the amazing shows this bar provides

Pattaya Walking Street Girls This Pattaya Walking Street Girl is another one who works at the Fahrenheit Go Go bar. As you can see from the sign see is holding they have a happy hour from 8.00p.m to 9.30p.m where most of the drinks are only 60 baht. This new bar is definitely worth at visit.

Pattaya Walking Street Girls These girls are from the Cavern A Go-Go bar in Walking Street, this bar used to be Sisters A Go-Go before and has since had a makeover and is now fitted out like a Cavern. The bar is a very friendly and relaxed environment with some great girls dancing.

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Pattaya Walking Street Girls The Baccara A Go-Go bar is where you will find these two Pattaya Walking Street Girls. Inside this bar you will find plenty of lovely girls dancing and entertaining customers. It is set on 2 levels with an upstairs and a downstairs, all with sofa seating around the stages.

Pattaya Walking Street Girls Here you can see a couple of the Pattaya girls from the Casanova A Go-Go bar here in Walking Street. This bar has plenty of girls who are more than willing to entertain you while you sit and have a drink. Always worth a visit this bar, as the girls are forever changing.

Pattaya Walking Street Girls There are now numerous entertainment venues here in Pattaya that have Russian girls working at them. These 2 girls are from one of the Russian bars and are trying to entice customers into their bar, as you can see Pattaya now has some lovely girls from Russia.

If you are looking for more than just photos of Walking Street or the Pattaya Walking Street girls. Maybe you wish to learn more about this amazing and unique nightlife strip, if so then take a look at this Walking Street in Pattaya page. Here you will find a more detailed description of what goes on in this world famous street.

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