Pattaya Villas
What to Look for Before Buying

Pattaya villas are popular among holiday makers as they provide comfortable accommodation in a more relaxed and homely atmosphere than a hotel.

Villa in PattayaThere is a wide range of options of villas in Pattaya to choose from, from luxurious beach houses on the oceanfront to more compact villas in quieter neighbourhoods. Depending on whether you plan to live in the villa or are looking at it as an investment from which you can earn income from holiday rentals, there are many locations in Pattaya that you can opt for.

Browsing through a good website, like the one that I used – Property in Pattaya – can show you the various options that are available. Here is a guide to help you decide on what to look for before you buy.

Number of rooms

While looking at Pattaya villas for sale, you will first need to decide how many rooms you want. This would depend on two factors – your budget and whether you plan to live in it. If you plan to use the villa as your holiday home where you can enjoy vacation time with your family, the number of rooms you need will depend on the size of your family. If your intention is to invest in a villa so you can earn from renting it out to tourists, then besides your budget, it is good to get advice from Pattaya real estate agents as they can advise you on the villa sizes that are most popular with tourists and also on how much income you can expect from daily, weekly, monthly or long term rentals.


When you are looking at buying Pattaya villas, the location of the property will play a large part in how high its price is. If you want to live by the water, then you can expect to pay a premium as houses on the beach are in demand. Similarly, a villa with a good view will have a bigger price tag. However, this also means that you get higher returns from it as properties on the oceanfront are a favourite among tourists as well as long stay visitors as they provide easy access to the beach and to water sports. Some beaches are more crowded than others, so when you look at villas for sale in Pattaya, you need to be clear about whether you want to invest in a property on a popular beach that offers accessibility to tourist spots and activities or one on a quieter beach that offers privacy and seclusion.


There are many types of villas for sale in Pattaya. When you browse through any Pattaya real estate website, you will come across some villas that are basic and others that are luxurious and even have their own swimming pool. Some Pattaya villas are also part of a large gated community or village, where you can have access to additional facilities such as 24-hour security, health clubs and play areas for children. Although villas with facilities may be more expensive than those without, they fetch higher rentals because of the convenience that they offer.

Repairs and Renovation

Another factor to keep in mind before buying Pattaya villas is the amount that you might have to spend additionally towards repairs and renovation. A newer villa will be priced higher, but might not require many repairs or modifications while an older villa may require large scale renovation.

Although prioritising the importance of these factors can help you decide on the size, location and type of Pattaya villas that would suit you best, it is advisable to get the help of a real estate agent to help you with the decision making process. The agent would not only be able to guide you about the good locations to buy but also give you a realistic estimate of how much rental income you can expect. Depending on the funds that you have for investment or the returns that you can get from a particular type of villa, you can decide.

Pattaya VillasIn addition, if you find a reliable agent (like I did when I dealt with Ian from Thailand Property), you can get help with smoothing out the formalities involved in buying the villa. Once the sale is complete, the agent can also help you with listing the property among those for rent on the website, so you can start earning from it and recovering your investment sooner rather than later.

So go over to the website and start browsing through the listings of Pattaya villas to find your dream holiday home. You can search by location, price and number of bedrooms. Once you make a shortlist of two or three villas that you find suitable, you can contact Ian from Thailand Property and he will help you with all the formalities to complete the purchase quickly.

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