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Big C Supermarket in Pattaya ThailandPattaya supermarkets are a pleasant surprise to most visitors. Due to the large number of expats and long stay foreign visitors who reside in the city, the supermarkets offer an excellent choice of products. Whether you are looking for cosmetics, groceries, stationery or home ware, shopping in Pattaya stores will help you find anything that you need.

Some of these supermarkets are run by international retail chains while others are local stores, which have imported goods from the UK, USA, Italy and Germany, among other countries. This article will serve as a guide on where to find what.

Tesco Lotus Supermarket

Tesco Lotus Pattaya is part of the chain of the UK retail giant Tesco. Following the hypermarket format, it is among the largest of the supermarkets in Pattaya and is present at two different locations in the city. One of the centres is on North Pattaya Road near the Dolphin roundabout, and the other is on Sukhumvit Road near Jomtien, close to the Pattaya Outlet Mall. Both these stores are open from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm and have fresh produce, processed food, retail brands and fast food outlets, besides a bank and currency exchange centre.

Big C Supermarket

Another name among the popular Pattaya supermarkets, Big C, which is present at three locations across Pattaya, has international quality groceries and products at prices that are around 15% lower than regular store prices. They also have a range of ‘Big C’ value products. Big C Pattaya super centres are located at North Pattaya in Central Mall on Pattaya 2nd road and on Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya close to the South Pattaya Road junction. Big C Extra is on Central Pattaya Road and is known for its excellent meat section. These stores are open from 9.00 am to 11.00 pm.

Tops Supermarket

Tops supermarket is among the most visited Pattaya supermarkets because of the wide variety of fresh produce, groceries and home essentials. It is a large retail store that has a similar format to Tesco. The original store is located in PS Plaza at the intersection of Pattaya 2nd Road and Central Pattaya Road. Tops Pattaya has a smaller store in South Pattaya in the Tuk Com building basement, and a more upmarket store in Central Festival Pattaya Beach mall on Pattaya Beach Road.

Foodland Supermarket

Foodland Pattaya is a supermarket that is known for its imported food products. It is located on Central Pattaya Road between Pattaya 3rd Road and Sukhumvit. The supermarket, which is open all days of the week and 24 hours of the day, has separate sections selling meat and bakery products, both local and imported. There is also a pharmacy and a restaurant.

Friendship Supermarket

This is also one of the supermarkets in Pattaya, which is popular for its imported products. Located on Pattaya South Road between 2nd and 3rd Road, this supermarket is open daily from 7.00 am to 2.00 am. The Friendship supermarket Pattaya has two floors. The ground floor has local and imported food products, while the upper floor has stationery and home products.

Besides these, there are several smaller Pattaya supermarkets that have basic things that you might need. However, the ones mentioned are best for their international brands and imported goods. Between all of them, you will be able to find anything from back home that you need urgently or have a craving for.

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