Which Pattaya Shooting Range Is The Best?

If shooting is your hobby, you can spend time on your holiday at a Pattaya shooting range to practice and keep in touch. Even otherwise, if you are a visitor wondering what to do in Pattaya, trying your accuracy and speed at a range can be fun, whether you have experienced it before or not. Spending your time competing with friends to see who shoots closest to the target is a great option if you love sports.

The Pattaya Shooting Range

Fortunately, Pattaya has several ranges where you could either practice or hone your skills. You can choose a shooting range that offers a range of other sports and activities as well, so you can enjoy a day in the outdoors. Trying your hand at shooting different types of firearms you might feel like you are a star of an action movie. It can really be among the most enjoyable activities in Pattaya.

The best Pattaya shooting range is at the Pattaya Shooting & Adventure Park (also called the Pattaya Shooting Club & Fishing Park) located on Soi Wat Huay-Yai just a short drive from the downtown area. It has the most modern facilities and a range of firearms from rifles to handguns. You also get to keep your target sheets once you have finished. The park has large open spaces near the lake and other recreational areas where guests can enjoy themselves. This Pattaya shooting range also runs an academy that offers instruction and certification. An additional incentive to visit this club is the Fishing Park near the lake where you can catch your fish and get it cooked for you by the chef. There are several other adventure activities such as horseback riding, archery and a tower jump, which makes it a perfect family destination offering a range of activities that will suit different interests.

The Pattaya Shooting Club

There is also a Pattaya shooting club at Tiffanys, which has 18 air-conditioned indoor galleries. This is a good option for anyone who wants to get out of the sun, and enjoy a cool indoor activity. The Tiffany shooting range offers skittles as targets for shooters to try and knock down using firearms such as the Ruger 38 and the Colt 45.

For more heavy duty firearms, the shooting range at Koh Larn Island is a good option. Located 7km off the coast of Pattaya, the island has an outdoor range where shotguns, M16s and P45s can be fired. For families or groups of friends, the island is also a great place to spend the day as it offers other water sports such as banana boat rides, jet skiing, snorkelling and parasailing.

So if you find yourself in Pattaya looking to do some shooting but are wondering how to keep the rest of the family entertained, the options at some of these shooting ranges in Pattaya include more than just firearms and targets. Whichever Pattaya shooting range you choose to visit, you can be assured of food and refreshments. However, choosing one that offers additional activities will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time. What’s more, if you are an avid shooting fan, there could be no better souvenir than your target sheet to take home to remind you of your visit to Pattaya.

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