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The Pattaya real estate market can for some people be a minefield. This page has been produced to try and help any prospective Pattaya Property purchasers, and to try and point out as many problems as can be foreseen. This may assist you when you are purchasing your purchasing your Pattaya property.

House for Sale in Pattaya Thailand

You will find throughout this page various links just like the one above, these links will take you to other pages where you will find more specific information about various aspects of the Pattaya real estate market. This information will also assist you when purchasing real estate in Pattaya.

So firstly; all potential purchasers of real estate in Pattaya should be aware of the following;

Buying a property in Pattaya can and should be very straight forward, as long as you have your finances and documentation prepared in advance. Using well trusted real estate agents in Pattaya to guide you through the whole process is without doubt the best way to proceed.

You should also note that if you are bringing funds from another country you will need documented evidence of the funds being brought in to Thailand, this document is a T.T.T.3 form that will state that the money you have imported into the country is to buy a property. This document is also used when you sell the property should you wish to export the funds plus profits, please be aware you will normally be required to pay tax on any profits that you make on the sale of the property.

When you are buying any Pattaya real estate regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase one of the many condos in Pattaya or even one of the Luxurious Villas in Pattaya, it is important to establish why you are buying the property. Is it for investment to generate rental income or will it be your own home or holiday home? This can make a huge difference to the type and style of property you would consider buying, not to mention the budget you would set and whether you stick to that budget or not.

For most people who choose to purchase one of Pattaya’s properties, this would involve buying a condo unit. At the moment as there are so many condos that are for sale in Pattaya it should be very easy to find what you’re looking for. However take a look at the above condos page as you will see there are different ways in which to purchase your dream condo.

House for sale in Pattaya

If you are thinking about looking for houses that are for sale in Pattaya then please bear in mind that currently under Thai law a foreigner cannot own land in Thailand. Don’t despair however if you have found your perfect house in Pattaya, as there are different ways that you can legally own your dream house. Take a look at the link above for more specific information.

Not everyone who wishes to live in Pattaya feels the need to purchase a property. For many long and short term residents renting is the best solution for their particular needs or circumstances. So if you looking for houses that are for rent in Pattaya or one of the many condos that are for rent in Pattaya then check out the above links. The pages are on this site and again will give you more information, allowing you to make the correct choice before you commit to any rental contract.

This amazing city has so much to offer for everyone, the excellent restaurants and superb nightlife in Pattaya are at the top of most people’s list. The shopping facilities that cater for the most discerning international visitor are also a big hit. The amount of major major tourist attractions in Pattaya for tourists of all ages, are yet another source of great fun. Add to this the weather in Pattaya, and it’s no wonder so many people love to visit and indeed live in this truly unbelievable city. If you need more information about Pattaya take a look at the various pages listed above.

If like me you have decided you wish to make Pattaya your home, then firstly congratulations on making an excellent choice.

Pattaya Property for Sale

Secondly regardless of whether you are retiring, relocating or purchasing a holiday home, please now ensure that you make another wise decision when looking for real estate Pattaya. In my opinion the best and only way to ensure you rent, or purchase your dream property, is to use the services of a good Pattaya real estate broker.

The broker I used was Ian from Thailand Property. The service was excellent and if you are interested you can find their website here at

Remember: By following the above guidelines when purchasing Pattaya Real Estate, should ensure purchasing that dream property not only is an exciting experience, but also an uneventful one.

Don’t forget to visit some of the other pages on this site that will also provide you with information about Pattaya real estate. To access these pages just click on any of the links you see listed throughout the page. Like this one; property that is for sale in Pattaya each of these links will take you to another page that will give you more detailed information about that particular subject. With so much information about various different aspects of real estate in Pattaya, just click on any of the text links that catch your eye.

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