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Condo in PattayaThere are so many different Pattaya real estate agents available, that it is difficult to know which one to choose from.

What you need, is an estate agent that is reliable and can be totally trusted when it comes to dealing with the sale or purchase of your Property in Pattaya.

So how do you know a good agent from a bad one?

Well word of mouth is obviously by far the best way to ensure you have chosen well. Using the services of a Pattaya estate agent that has been recommended by a friend or someone you know can be advantageous.

I have personally used the services of Thailand Property on South Pattaya Road, the service I received was first class, and the feedback I have heard from other people who have used this company was always extremely good. As a matter of fact it was purely from a recommendation that I chose to use this company.

For anyone interested the person I dealt with was Ian, and he was totally professional throughout all the dealings I had with him. As I am a great believer in praise where praise is due, I informed Ian I was intending to recommend him to others through this website.

He responded by very kindly offering to allow his company to be used to provide a unique questions and answers service, for the visitors to this site.

So by using the form below you can submit an e-mail to Ian and ask him any questions that you have regarding real estate in Pattaya. Alternatively just send him your comments which he can use to further improve the service that he offers his customers. So please ask away, he is there to help you!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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On behalf of Ian thank you for submitting your comments, you should receive a reply to any questions very quickly. If in the meantime you wish to look at any Pattaya Properties why not check out his website here at

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