Pattaya Prostitution Precautionary Advice

Although sexuality and eroticism are almost everywhere you look, Pattaya prostitution laws are strict. Anyone caught buying sexual favours runs the risk of heavy penalties that could include severe fines and even imprisonment, especially if there is a minor involved. In addition, there is a possibility of theft if you are not careful with your valuables. After all, most of the prostitutes in Pattaya, whether they are bar girls or freelancers are doing what they do in order to make money to send home to their families. While they might seem friendly and nice, they are also in need of money, and as a result some of them might feel tempted to help themselves to anything extra that they can lay their hands on.

Here is a guide to the precautions that you can take to ensure that your experience with prostitution in Pattaya is enjoyable and stress free.

Picking up a girl

When you visit a beer bar or go go bar in the city’s main adult entertainment districts such as Walking Street you will encounter the sexy bar girls who will do everything within their powers to entice you. They earn a small portion of their money from commissions on drinks that you buy them, but a sizeable portion of their income comes from selling sexual favours. While picking up one of these Pattaya escorts, take care to ensure that the exchange of currency takes place in a clandestine manner. In case there are cops around, you can be arrested as prostitution is illegal as per Thai laws.

Secondly, make sure that you verify the age of the girl. Since most Thai girls look young and slim, it is difficult to differentiate Pattaya prostitutes who are underage. However, if by some misfortune, you are caught during a police raid engaging in sex with a minor, you could be put into prison immediately. Therefore, ask for an ID and check the girl’s age before you make any Pattaya prostitution arrangements.

Taking care of your valuables

When you take a girl away either to a short time room in a bar or your hotel room, be careful with your money and valuables. Thefts are one of the dangers associated with Pattaya prostitution. A girl could help herself to a few currency notes or even a credit/cash card while your wallet is left unattended.

If you are in your hotel room, lock up all your valuables in the safe (ensuring that the girl hasn’t seen your secret code) before getting the services that you paid for. That way, even if the girl leaves before you wake up, you don’t have to worry about having lost your money or important documents. While most prostitutes Pattaya has work at bars, where you can easily locate them in case you find something missing, there is always the issue of whether your story will be believed, especially if the girl has a completely different version. You can’t lodge a complaint with the police since you won’t be able to explain that the incident occurred while you were engaged in an illegal activity. So while Pattaya prostitution seems to be done openly, it is in your best interests to keep an eye on your valuables to keep them safe.

Besides locking your valuables, make sure that you don’t disclose information about your financial status or give away security or pin numbers to the Pattaya escorts, even if they seem genuinely concerned about your wellbeing.

Taking care of your health

With multiple sexual partners, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS is another major risk that prostitution Pattaya comes with. Condoms are distributed free in bars and most hotels. It is recommended to use them, whether you are engaging in a short time or long time encounter with one of the Girls from Pattaya. Keep in mind that these girls can see multiple partners every night. Multiply that by the number of days in a year and you will get an idea of the degree of risk you run of contracting STDs by engaging in sex with one of them.

While these are well-known risks associated with Pattaya prostitution, this has not stopped male tourists from flocking to the city in search of the ultimate sexual experience with one of the beautiful Girls from Walking Street who are willing to do anything sexually, for a price. As long as there are girls in Pattaya who are willing to earn money this way (and there will be as culturally the uneducated girls from villages in backward districts have no other source of livelihood) there will be foreign tourists who want to experience the pleasures that they offer.

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So you can join the millions who enjoy the nightlife in Pattaya, but take care of yourself and your belongings to ensure that you have an enjoyable holiday in the city.

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