Pattaya Orphanage
Caring For The Children

Find out more about the amazing Pattaya Orphanage and what services and care they offer orphaned children throughout Pattaya and Thailand.

Some of The Children at The Pattaya Orphanage

This amazing place is certainly not what you would class as a tourist attraction, and it probably doesn’t even get recognition from the vast majority of tourists who visit Pattaya. For certain caring individuals however the Pattaya Orphanage can be an extremely life changing experience. This home for long abandoned children is a place that is filled with hopes and dreams for the future of Pattaya and Thailand.

The Orphanage has a very rich and detailed history. In 1972 the Rev. Fr. Raymond Allyn Brennan opened the door of the church that he was serving at to find a newborn child laid on the steps, abandoned by its mother. In an effort to help the child, he took it in and helped foster its care for the time being. Quickly, word spread of what Fr. Raymond had done and more children were being left at the church that he was working at.

Seeing a need for some type of place where these children could be cared for Fr. Raymond met with an American serviceman to help deal with the overwhelming issue of orphaned children. The majority of the children that were being orphaned were those of American military members who were serving in the Vietnam War.

Eventually a building was built and after many years it became known as the Pattaya Orphanage, this remarkable place officially opened its doors in 1982 after gaining its license. It now takes in an average of 160 children that range in ages from newborn infants all the way up to children that are aged around 15 or 16. There is no child that is denied entrance or acceptance into this Orphanage.

The Orphanage in Pattaya

In 1999, the Orphanage in Pattaya decided to extend its doors to include a location known as the Sotpattana. Sotpattana Pattaya as it is officially known, is a building devoted to the learning and education of children that are deaf or mute. It is a fully developed audio learning center that helps ensure that every deaf child has a right to an education and a way to learn and communicate. The children that attend this Sotpattana center do not have to be orphaned children, even though the location is run by the Orphanage trust.

Funding for the Pattaya Orphanage is partly sponsored by the government, however a large majority of the funding comes from trusts that have been created all over the world. These trusts allow people to donate money to help develop the many buildings that the Orphanage in Pattaya has, and also to help with the costs of food, living expenses and other educational costs that are incurred by the Pattaya Orphanage.

Even after 36 years of being in existence the Pattaya Orphanage Trust still holds true to its original goals and values that it started out with. It is established with the idea of helping orphaned and abandoned children and giving them food, shelter, education and a chance for a loving family. The Orphanage also offers children the chance to engage in activities that normal children would engage in such as educational classes and sports teams. One of the major benefits that the Orphanage in Pattaya has is that it can work with families in Thailand and around the world that wish to adopt children that are staying at the Orphanage.

If you wish to visit the Orphanage here are the contact details;

Pattaya Orphanage on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya

Address: 384 Moo 6, Sukhumvit Highway Km.144, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Thailand.

Tel: +66 (0) 3842 3468, (0) 3841 6426

Fax: +66 (0) 3841 6425, (0) 3871 6204

Or find the exact location on Google maps by clicking the link below.

Even if you don’t get a chance to visit or see the Orphanage in Pattaya it is just an amazing feeling that one has walking by a center that is doing so much good for children who would otherwise have lost hope or been abandoned long ago.

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