Pattaya - not for everyone? However!!

by Julian Elms
(Toowoomba Australia)

Go Kart Track in Pattaya

Go Kart Track in Pattaya

No discussion of Pattaya can be started before we look at multitude of activities and attractions that the country of Thailand has to offer.

From the mountains to the cities to the beaches this country has something for everyone. We always feel one of the special aspects of a holiday here is the friendliness of the people. Thailand is called "The Land of Smiles" and there is no shortage of smiling people. Everyone is very eager to make sure you leave this country with positive things to say. We feel this attitude is partly due to the predominant religion Buddhism where practitioners have an inner peace about them.

Apart from the friendly locals there is always the food - Thai food is legendary - a unique combination of wonderful herbs and spices makes for some of the best culinary experiences you could have on holiday. From the street vendors to the five star restaurants the food here never disappoints at unbelievably cheap prices. Not to mention an explosion of other cuisines that are now available in all tourist spots dotted around Thailand. French, Italian, Russian, Mexican, Japanese, Indian and of course every Asian cuisine is readily available - quality is excellent and must be some of the best value eating experiences you could participate in anywhere.

Also this country is very easy to travel around, English is widely spoken and attractions abound.

Now let us tell you about our favourite spot in Thailand, Pattaya. So many people visit Pattaya and leave with a negative view due to the propondence of girlie bars and quite a bizarre nightlife. However, Pattaya is so much more than this. People refer to it as Bangkok on the Beach.
Well this is true, Pattaya has everything that Bangkok has to offer without the traffic hassles, pollution and at a fraction of the cost. Pattaya has to be one of the cheapest places for the tourist anywhere. You can get great accommodation here with everything, pool, cable etc for around $30US a night.

Pattaya is an expat centre and a lot of expats have set up restaurants and all of the cuisines mentioned are available here. Big shopping centres abound selling food from all over the world. All of the major clothing labels are available as well a number of factory outlets.

People often ask us how we spend up to 6 weeks at a time there. We never have a day where we don't have anything planned. We play tennis on the cover court or workout in the gym followed by a swim in the tropical garden setting.

If we are feeling like a quiet day there is always the beach where you can sit down under umbrellas and your every need is catered for. There is always the hotel pool to relax and read or maybe a new release movie to watch. We are also partial to massages at $8US an hour.

So there you have it, so much to do and we haven't even discussed golf, animal parks for the children, day trips to nearby islands, ten pin bowling, shooting galleries, go-carting, live shows, snooker halls etc, etc.

We get around to all of these activities on a motorbike, hired at around $3US a day.

So please don't judge Pattaya on first impressions. Stay at least a week and live like the expats do!

Enjoy your trip and hope to see you there.

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Mar 07, 2010
You're spot on
by: Jim

From reading what you've said I can tell that you Love Pattaya, and rightly so. I get to visit Pattaya usually 3 times a year, and I love the place. The reasons that you wrote about food, beaches and all the fun that can be had. Bangkok as you also said is nothing in comparison to Pattaya. Great to here from someone like yourself who loves the place. I am due to visit again in 6 weeks and I cannot wait.


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