Pattaya Nightlife is Awesome

Pattaya nightlife can only be described as out of this world!

Anyone who has ever experienced the nightlife in Pattaya will tell you, that regardless of whatever it is you wish to do on your evenings out and whichever type of entertainment you are looking for, Pattaya can provide exactly what you are after.

Airport A Go-Go Girls in Walking Street Pattaya

The nightlife in Pattaya and the constant party atmosphere that it creates are without doubt one of the main reasons why so many people visit this amazing city. However Pattaya has gained a certain reputation over the years, this is mainly due to the abundance of girlie bars and beer bars that can be found in so many parts of the city, and also the wild stories of sex and prostitution.

So is Pattaya really the best place for you to visit? And are the stories all true?

Well let's take the World Famous Walking Street in Pattaya which is the main tourist area and the place most people head for. The saying goes “If you haven’t visited Walking Street then you haven’t been to Pattaya”. This street is so named because it closes to all traffic at 7.00p.m every evening, which then allows the night time activities to get under way.

At first glance Walking Street and the lanes leading of it which are known as Soi’s can look intimidating. You will find a mass of flashing neon signs and scantily clad girls, and this is where you will find the most number of go-go bars, discos and beer bars in the whole of Pattaya. This place is purely just one big party zone and the party’s go on every night.

If you have ever wondered what goes on in one of the go-go bars take a look at the video below, it shows Thai girls dancing in one of the popular Pattaya go-go bars.

Without doubt the go-go bars are not for everyone, and it has to be said they are not just for single males either. You will find in any bar on any night, couples, group tours and even groups of women all having a great time watching the shows and the girls dance. But Walking Street is not just about go-go bars, in the main street outside you will find many different nationalities of people enjoying the street entertainers, food stalls, and the numerous entertainment complexes, beer bars and discos that make up this amazing place.

Now if all this sounds too much for you and you think it will not be your scene, let me say that to find somewhere as unique as Walking Street and not visit it would be a mistake. Even if you are not into discos and loud music, the atmosphere that is created is absolutely unbelievable and must be experienced.

So let’s presume you’ve checked out Walking Street which is in South Pattaya, enjoyed the experience but decided that it’s not for you, where else is there to go?

Well there are so many other places in this city to visit like;

North Pattaya which is considerably quieter than elsewhere, here you will find many small beer bars and restaurants some with live music, but these are not as hectic as the ones in other parts of the city. You will also find the World Famous Pattaya Ladyboy shows in north Pattaya, they are The Alcazar cabaret show in Pattaya and The Tiffanys cabaret show in Pattaya, and both of these shows are amazingly popular with many tourists. Here you will find some more details about North Pattaya nightlife.

Naughty Girls A Go-Go in Walking Street

Central Pattaya is where you will find Soi 7 and 8 and these are two very popular areas with expats and foreign tourists. You will find an amazing amount of small beer bars crammed into these two Soi’s. Most bars have a pool table, and people tend to sit around chatting, having a few beers and enjoying the attention of the numerous girls, who are more than happy to sit and have a drink with you.

Pattaya nightlife is excellent and just cannot be beaten. It is such a vast subject and an important part of most people's visit here. You will find that as well as the places detailed above, there are many other parts of the city where you can enjoy your perfect night out, listed below you will find more information on some of these places;

Pattayaland Soi 1 - Pattayaland Soi 2 - Pattayaland Soi 3

The Outrageous Soi 6 in Central Pattaya

Soi 7 and 8 in Central Pattaya

Soi Buakhao with its many Bars and Restaurants

Second Road which has many Beer Bars & Soapy Massages

LK Metro in Central Pattaya - Where the Action Is

Pattaya nightlife for Gay people - Find the best places to go

Thai Dating, Singles and Personals

Remember: Pattaya nightlife has something for everyone, from wild go-go bars and trendy discos to relaxing pub bars and cabaret shows, and as many beer bars and restaurants as you could ever imagine. So whatever you are looking for you’ll find it right here in Pattaya.

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