The Pattaya Marathon

The Pattaya marathon is one of the most popular Pattaya events and it is held annually. Also known as the King's Cup marathon, this annual event is a large scale marathon and half-marathon run that attracts athletes from all over the world to participate. The King's Cup marathon is such a big deal for athletes that it has become one of the most celebrated sports-related Pattaya festivals.

Activities held during this weekend-long Pattaya marathon include a number of racing competitions. There are wheelchair races, a quarter marathon, a half marathon and a full length marathon run. Not only are Thai residents allowed to participate, but people from around the globe are welcomed to participate as well as long as they register by the deadline. Registrations for this race are handled by the Pattaya Metropolitan Administration at Pattaya City Hall. This event brings many people into the borders of Pattaya, especially serious athletes from around the world that are looking to dominate in the races.

A big part of the King's Cup Pattaya marathon is the racing aspect, though participants are also allowed to walk the race if they are simply looking to complete it. Still, many competitive athletes come to Pattaya for this event, and they put everything that they have into the race in an attempt to walk away with a win. The races themselves are typically held on sunday, but there are events that span the entire weekend as athletes descend on the city of Pattaya to participate. As far as athleticism is concerned, this is one of the biggest festivals in Thailand.

Although people from all ethnicities and backgrounds participate, many of the winning runners are of Kenyan descent. This marathon festival brings many Kenyan athletes into Pattaya, Thailand, who are interested in proving their running skills by taking home a prize.

The full length marathon is 42.195 km and the wheelchair marathon is the same length. The half marathon race is only 21.10 km, and the quarter marathon is only 10.55 km. There is also a student marathon which only spans 3.55 km. Athletes are allowed to participate in any of these races that they like. All of the races begin at the Central Festival Pattaya Beach Mall, and athletes that take wins at the finish line win a variety of prizes depending on the age group involved in the race.

The races always begin very early. In the 2011 marathon, which took place in July, the race began at 4:00 am so as to avoid the potential for traffic hang ups. People who are interested in participating in the races are urged to contact Pattaya City Hall prior to the race during their typical operating hours, or to visit the official website for the marathon. The day before each marathon is held, there is also a late registration option at the starting and finishing point of the race.

The 2012 Pattaya marathon is expected to be held around the same season, though the dates are subject to change. The official Pattaya marathon website can provide additional details as they become available.

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