Pattaya Life in Songkran Festival

by Hrishi

Hrishi's Question is:


I will like to understand below regarding Pattaya in Songkran Festival

1. Are Beer & Go Go Bars open during the festival?
2. Are Bar Girls and Freelance Girls available during festival?
3. Markets are open in Pattaya?

Also what are the dates for celebrating Songkran festival in Pattaya?

My Answer is:

Hi Hrishi

Thanks for visiting the site, please find below the answers to your questions;

1. "Are Beer & Go Go Bars open during the festival?"
Yes they certainly are, it is a busy time in Pattaya during Songkran. The only time that they are officially closed is on the Monday and Tuesday, as these are official public holidays. That being said sometimes the bars do open but with a limited service.

2. "Are Bar Girls and Freelance Girls available during the festival?"
Again they definitely are available in all areas of Pattaya as usual. In fact most of the girls are actually out enjoying themselves during the day and then back at work for the night. There are still lots of girls around during Songkran.

3. "Are markets open in Pattaya?"
Absolutely all businesses are open as usual during the Songkran festival. Except on the official public holidays, when banks and some of the bars close.

4. "Also what are the dates for celebrating the Songkran festival in Pattaya?"
Well Pattaya acts differently to the rest of Thailand. The actual festival should start on Fri 13th April for 3 days, however with this falling on a weekend this year then the days have been changed to Fri 13th, Mon 16th & Tues 17th April. That being said as Pattaya does have its own rules with regards Songkran, you can expect it to start on Friday 13th and not finish until maybe the following Friday 20th April. The festival usually lasts a full week in Pattaya.

Hope that has answered all your questions Hrishi, are you planning on visiting Pattaya during Songkran? It is great fun to experience!

Hope you choose to visit and have a great time.


Website Administrator

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Apr 08, 2018
Bangkok during Songkaran NEW

Hi Robert,

Does BKK remain the same as Pattaya during Songkaan?

Feb 05, 2018
Pattaya in April
by: Saket

Hi Robert,

I will be visiting Pattaya from 9-15th April 2018. Got to know Songkran will be celebrated ? Does it hall the night life ? To what extent ? How about Soi6 and other streets open chances ?

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