Pattaya Ladyboys

Pattaya ladyboys are a source of great interest for many visitors to this amazing city affectionately known as “Fun Town”. As such no Pattaya information website would be complete without mentioning the infamous Thai ladyboy.

Pattaya Ladyboys Walking Street

Over the decades the ladyboy has become solidly entrenched in Thai culture. They have been present in Thai society for decades, mainly due to the tolerant attitude of the Thai people, and the total acceptance of the presence of Thailand ladyboys throughout the Kingdom.

These immaculately groomed and presented transsexuals are found in every level of Thai society. They have also featured in a number of Hollywood films over the years, most recently in the comedy “Hangover Part II”. Another great example of how mainstream ladyboys in Thailand have become.

However the epicenter of Thai ladyboy activity would have to be Pattaya. All one needs to do is take a stroll down the notorious Walking Street on any night of the year and nests of ladyboys can be seen congregating around the many bars where they work. The most famous of these bars is the “Jenny Star bar” a walking street institution.

If you are interested in seeing some of the many Pattaya ladyboys that can be found in and around the Walking Street bars take a look at this video below.

To the untrained eye these Pattaya ladyboys are very hard to distinguish from genuine women. For many people enjoying the nightlife in Pattaya half the fun is trying to pick which are the ladyboys from the vast amount of women that are always available in the truly amazing nightlife venues. Usually the broad shoulders, their height and size of their feet are tell tale physical signs, and of course when they speak this is yet another giveaway.

As well as Walking Street there are a number of cabaret shows featuring Pattaya lady boys dressing in elaborate costumes miming songs and dancing. Two of the most popular are Tiffanys Cabaret in Pattaya and the Alcazar Cabaret in Pattaya. If you are planning a trip to Pattaya, then a visit to one of these shows should be a must, a great addition to the many other attractions in Pattaya that are also available.

Pattaya also has a number of Go-Go bars that cater exclusively for customers who are interested in ladyboys. “Stringfellows” and “Obsessions” are two that have been on the ladyboy bar scene for a number of years. 

For those interested in more detailed information of the ladyboy scene in Pattaya and beyond there are a number of websites that follow the various ladyboy venues and their staff. Two of these are and 

As has been stated before the presence of ladyboys in Pattaya is yet another exotic addition to the over expanding tapestry of character that you can view and experience along with all the other Pattaya adventures to be savoured.

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