Pattaya Immigration Office
What You Need To Know

You may need to visit the Pattaya Immigration office to get your visa extended, if you plan to stay for more than 30 days in Thailand.

The Pattaya Immigration Office in Soi 5 Jomtien

While the airport immigration authorities grant visas on arrival for up to 30 days, over land immigration authorities at the border checkpoints grant visas only for a 15-day period. Recently, the visa regulations in Thailand have been made stricter, and if you are found overstaying, you would have to pay a fine of 500 baht per day, if you are lucky.

The worst case scenario would involve imprisonment. Hence, if you fall in love with Pattaya and want to extend your stay, a visit to the immigration office Pattaya is a must.

If you know in advance that you will be staying for more than 30 days, you can get an extended visa from the Thai Embassy in your home country. However, if you decide to extend your stay after you reach Thailand you will have to visit in person the Pattaya Immigration Office that is located on Soi 5 in Jomtien to get your tourist visa extended or to apply for a long stay or retirement visa. Depending on the type of visa that you are applying for, the process and duration may vary slightly. Usually, you have to fill in the application form, approach the information counter to pick up a queue card or number and then wait your turn at the assigned counter. Once you pay the fee at the counter, you will need to meet the Immigration officer and submit the application and required documents.

While it is not difficult to get a visa extended at the Office of Immigration Jomtien Soi 5, it is better to be cautious and dress and behave in a proper manner so that you do not spoil your chances of getting the visa. Usually, you may need to show availability of funds but this by itself is not enough. Respecting local culture can earn you brownie points. For instance, dress to suit the occasion when you visit the Pattaya Immigration office. While you do not need to wear a formal suit, semi-casual attire is recommended. Avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless vests (strappy tops for women) and instead opt for shirts with sleeves and casual pants. Remember to shower and shave to create a good impression.

It would also help to behave in a culturally appropriate manner. Do not talk loudly as you may offend or appear overly aggressive to the soft spoken Thai officials. Be polite and intersperse your conversation with the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. If you can say this in Thai, it would be even better. Always hand over documents or the application form to the Pattaya Immigration official with your right hand, as this is the norm in local culture.

It is not uncommon for tourists who arrive in Thailand to decide to stay on. While you might have heard discouraging stories from travellers about visiting the immigration office in Jomtien to get visa extension, in reality, the process can be smooth so long as you know what is expected of you and have proof of your financial capability to meet expenses.

If you need to get information about the application procedure, you can contact or visit the...

Pattaya Immigration office:

Address: Soi 5 Moo 12, Jomtien Beach Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150.

Directions: On Jomtien Beach Road after the Dongtan Police Box, turn left on to Soi 5. After approximately 300m you will find the immigration office on the right.

Tel: 038 252 750 - Fax: 038 252 751

Opening & closing hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday)

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