Pattaya Girls
There’s an Angel for Everyone

Pattaya girls are the main reason why the city is called the “City of Angels”.

Pattaya Girls Outside Airport A Go Go Bar in Walking Street Pattaya

To a male tourist travelling alone to the city, these girls are the ultimate dream women. They are gorgeous looking, have great bodies and most of all, they are willing to satisfy any sexual desire, for a price. It is extremely easy to meet girls in Pattaya as the city has bars, go go bars and massage parlours where they work, and their job is to attract customers and get them interested in buying drinks or the sexual services that they offer.

There are also some girls in Pattaya who work as freelancers. You can find these girls in areas such as Beach Road or in nightclubs, where they will try to strike up a conversation, offer their services and negotiate a price. The amazing fact is that all these girls are good looking. Of course, some are better looking than others. In general, the most stunning bar girls Pattaya has are dancers at the go go bars, followed by the beer bars.

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For a first time visitor to Pattaya, figuring out the system can take some time. This article gives advice on how you can have the best experience with Pattaya girls.

Where to find the girls

There are several places where you can find girls who will offer you the kind of companionship that you are looking for.

Pattaya Girls in Walking Street Pattaya

Whether it is a one-time short sexual encounter, an overnight stay or a long term arrangement, there will be Pattaya girls who are willing to offer their services at a price. Some of the streets in Pattaya have a concentration of beer bars and go go bars where you can find girls. In addition, there are nightclubs, discos or the beach where you will find freelancers or regular Thai girls, who are looking for a rich boyfriend for getting a taste of luxury.

Beer Bars

These are open air bars where you can buy a beer, watch a game on television or even play pool. As you walk by, you will find Pattaya bar girls calling out and trying to get you to visit the bar. They are extremely friendly and hard to resist. Once you are in the bar, the girl will chat with you and try to charm you so you offer to buy her a drink. Remember that she gets a small commission (around 30%) on every drink you buy her (referred to as ‘lady drinks’). It won’t be long before she broaches the subject of sexual services on offer.

The Pattaya girls in the beer bars will tell you (or you can ask them) about their ‘short time’ and ‘long time’ rates. These usually include a ‘bar fine’, which is a fee payable to the bar for taking the girl away during her regular working hours, and a fee to the girl for her sexual services. Some bars have short time rooms attached, where you can engage in short sexual encounters of your choice. Alternatively, you can take these girls for a ‘short time’ back to your hotel room. Of course, if you find a girl so hot that you would like to spend the entire night with her, you will have to pay for ‘long time’ – higher bar fine and much higher fee to the girl.

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Go Go Bars

These are different from beer bars as they have pole dancing, table dancing or erotic shows to entertain guests and get them interested in buying drinks or taking the girls out.

Pattaya Girls Outside Alcatraz A Go Go Bar in Walking Street Pattaya

The Pattaya go go girls are stunning. Depending on the bar that you go to, you will find dancers skimpily clad, topless and sometimes even fully naked as they dance sexily around a chrome pole trying to get customers interested. Once the girls on stage complete their routine, they are replaced by other dancers so that they get to walk around the bar and interact with customers.

Like the girls at the beer bars, they try to get customers to buy them drinks on which they earn commissions. They also offer short time and long-time sexual services. Once again, you will have to pay a bar fine as well as a separate fee directly to the girl for her services. Bar fine and rates for Pattaya go go girls are much higher than those at the beer bars. After all, that’s the price you pay for beauty! Go go bars also have coyote dancers, who usually perform choreographed routines. These girls are fully dressed although they may wear the shortest hot pants or shorts, and they are extremely picky about who they go with. In addition, their bar fines and service fees are usually far more.

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Massage Shops

The Pattaya girls who work in these establishments are trained in the art of Thai massage. They are paid by the massage shop on a monthly basis. However, in most places (other than high end massage parlours or those attached to reputed hotels) they also offer extra services of a sexual nature for a fee. They cannot be taken away from the shop as is the case with the bar girls.

Besides regular massages, there are a few Pattaya massage outlets that offer soapy massages. The Pattaya girls who give you these massages are naked or skimpily clad and give erotic body to body massages with foam and lather. A ‘happy ending’ is included in the price of the massage. The massage girls also earn tips from satisfied customers.

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Nightclubs and Discos

If you want to meet local girls who are not attached to bars and go gos, there are several nightclubs and discotheques in the city where you can meet Pattaya girls. The advantage of finding the girl of your dreams at these venues is that you will not have to pay a bar fine and can negotiate with the girl about the rates. However, the disadvantage is that you could get conned if you aren’t careful, and you wouldn’t know where to find them if things do go wrong, whereas with a bar girl, all you have to do is return to the bar where she works.

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The best areas for finding girls

Pattaya Girls Outside A Go-Go Bar in Pattaya

There are several streets in Pattaya that are famous for their nightlife and adult entertainment. The most popular of this is Walking Street in Pattaya, which has the largest concentration of bars, go go bars and nightclubs. Besides the main street, there are several smaller Sois leading off it where you can find some stunning Walking Street Pattaya girls.

Some points to bear in mind

While most male travellers come to Pattaya with the intention of finding a short term girlfriend who can take care of their sexual needs, there are a few who come with the idea of finding a long term companion. Although this is possible, bear in mind that most of the Pattaya girls are in it just for the money. They may profess their love for you and treat you like a king, but they are just working hard at their job so that they can earn money to send back home to their families in the villages.

Pattaya Girls Working Outside a Go Go Bar in Walking Street Pattaya

While experiencing the raunchy side of Pattaya nightlife is on top of many tourists itineraries, it is important to remember that prostitution is illegal in Thailand. If you are caught by the police while buying sexual favours from Pattaya girls, you could risk facing imprisonment. So take the necessary precautions and stay safe during your holiday in Pattaya.

If you do take a fancy to one of the Pattaya girls whom you meet at the bars, you have the option of buying her contract from the bar for a fixed price. This will provide the convenience of not having to return to the bar each night to pay the bar fine, and she can stay with you for an extended period. You may get emotionally attached to one of these Pattaya girls, and this could result in requests for loans or money to be sent on a regular basis. Of course, you can choose to do so if you wish, but bear in mind that the minute you are back home, your angel will find another benefactor to work with.

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Keep these points in mind and throw yourself wholeheartedly into the fun and excitement that the Pattaya girls offer. Go bar hopping to get a preview of the talent that the city has to offer. There are girls to suit every taste and preference. Before you know it, you will find yourself an angel in Pattaya.

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