Pattaya Fishing 
A Quiet Day or an Adventure

If you want to try something new, Pattaya fishing activities can give you a unique experience.

Pattaya Fishing Park in Pattaya Thailand

For a quiet day enjoying the sun, a visit to a Pattaya fishing park is a good option. You can fish at a freshwater lake and throw the catch back if you think it is too cruel and laze around on hammocks enjoying the breeze and the peaceful atmosphere. Game fishing enthusiasts will find a deep sea expedition challenging as the method of fishing will be completely different from what they are used to.

There are several fishing parks in Pattaya where you can have a relaxing day in the outdoors. The most popular among these is the Pattaya Shooting Club & Fishing Park located 10 minutes away from the town center on Soi Huay-Yai off Sukhumvit Road. There is an instructor to teach beginners the basics of fishing. At the park, you can rent a fishing rod and buy bread for the fish. If you are looking to try your hand at fishing in Pattaya, you can learn to fish and spend the day casting your line to catch a giant cat fish or smaller variety at the lake. Once you catch a cat fish, it is weighed and then usually thrown back into the water after being given medication. If you fancy having fish for lunch, there is an open air restaurant nearby that serves great seafood cooked Thai style.

Pattaya Fishing Park also has several other sports and activities such as shooting, horseback riding and a tower jump. So if you are looking for a place to bring the family for enjoying outdoor activities in Pattaya, a trip here will bring smiles to everyone’s faces.

Pattaya Fishing Park on Third Road Pattaya Thailand

If angling is your hobby and you would be happy to spend the day doing just that, then Jimmy’s Fishing Park located off Soi Nernplabwan in East Pattaya is the place to visit. This fishing venue in Pattaya has three lakes and eight varieties of fishes, including carp that you can try to catch. Besides this, it has a great bar and a restaurant that serves both Thai as well as continental food.

There are many other fishing parks in Pattaya to try out if you love angling. These include the Soi 3 Fishing Park in North Pattaya, Jomtien Fishing Park located on the Jomtien Beach Road and Panarak Fishing Park near the Soi Siam Country Club.

If spending all day casting a line, feeling the wind in your hair and waiting in silence for a fish to take the hook is not your idea of fun, try a different style of Pattaya fishing by going on a deep sea fishing expedition. Many operators offer day or overnight fishing trips to one of the islands off Pattaya in the Gulf of Siam. Manwichai, Rin and Kram Islands are the most popular destinations for a relaxed day out at sea. The trips are made on traditional Thai fishing boats.

You can either bring your own gear or hire equipment on board. Either way, this Pattaya fishing experience will be thrilling as you can catch really huge fish. As the fishing boats do not have powerful engines, once a big fish bites your hook, you will have to anchor and play with the fish on your line until it tires out, before reeling it in. It will be an exciting battle between man and fish before you finally lay your hands on your catch.

The Pattaya deep sea fishing trips are usually all day expeditions that leave Pattaya early in the morning, anchor mid sea to catch your fish and then dock at an island where you can have cooked fish for lunch and relax by the sea before heading back to mainland before sunset.

So whether you are an avid angler or a beginner wondering what to do in Pattaya, fishing can be an adventurous or relaxing option depending on which you prefer. For peace and quiet, freshwater fishing at the lakes is suitable. For a bit of excitement, a deep sea trip can help you carry back memories of the uniqueness of Pattaya fishing and photographs of your prize catch. Either way, you will be assured of a relaxing day appreciating what nature has to offer.

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