Pattaya Clubs and Walking Street’s Discos

Pattaya clubs are a good option if Go-go bars are not your thing, or if you are travelling with your girlfriend or family. There are several discotheques and nightclubs that are known for their music.

Club Insomnia Walking Street Pattaya

At these night clubs in Pattaya, you are more likely to encounter other tourists and have a fun evening listening to some of the best DJs mix numbers that get the dance floor packed. In addition, many of the beautiful bar girls head to these night spots after their regular working hours for freelancing. So if you are lucky, you don’t have to go back alone to your hotel room.

The type of music played at these clubs varies from one to the other, but they are all consistently loud. There are several of these discotheques located near the main nightlife area around Walking Street Pattaya. Here is a listing of some of the most popular ones among tourists.


Located around the midpoint on the right hand side of Walking Street, when you turn in from Beach Road, Insomnia Pattaya has a European-style nightclub located in the floor above the bar with the same name. With excellent sound, laser lights, good DJs and high quality service, this has been one of the most stylish clubs in Pattaya since it opened on Walking Street in 2008. The disco opens at 11 pm, and the party goes on late into the night. Music played in Club Insomnia includes house, trance and pop. For those who don’t like crowds, there is a VIP section for sitting and watching the action and the girls.


Lucifers Disco Pattaya Walking Street

On Walking Street, close to Soi Diamond, Lucifers Pattaya is one of the older clubs and discotheques in the city. You won’t miss it with its neon sign with a picture of the devil, Lucifer, standing with a pitchfork. The entrance of Lucifers has a bar with live music, while the dance club is at the rear. The interiors of Lucifers Disco resemble a cave, with stone walls and a narrow tunnel at the entrance.

The music played in this nightclub is mainly hip-hop, R&B and rap. Like other Pattaya clubs, Lucifers opens for business daily at 11 pm and often stays open until the early hours of the morning.

Marine Disco's 1 & 2

Marine Disco Pattaya was one of the original nightclubs for dancing that came up in the city way back in the 80s. It was one of the first places in Pattaya where freelance girls could be picked up after the shifts at their regular bars ended. There are two marine discotheques on Walking Street. Marine 1 Disco is located after Lucifers, when you enter from the northern part of the street off Beach Road. This dance club stays open until 3 am, on most days. Marine 2 Disco is on Soi Marine Plaza in the basement of a building called Soi Marine Mansion, which is located at the point where Walking Street meets Pratamnak Road. Marine 2 is among the Pattaya clubs that are known as late night party spots as it stays open until 4 am.


At the southern end of Walking Street, in the Bali Hai Plaza is Mixx Disco Pattaya, which is popular as it offers customers two choices in terms of music. Within Mixx, there is Crystal Palace, which plays trance and house music, while Rouge Club plays hip-hop and R&B. Mixx Disco opens at 9 pm and stays open late. Promotional nights are held frequently, and this is one of the Pattaya clubs where international DJs play on special nights.

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Besides these discos and nightclubs, there are several other smaller Pattaya clubs near walking street. These include Club Abyzz in Tony’s entertainment complex, Nina discotheque in the Bali Hai complex and Mr. P Disco in Soi Marine Plaza, among others. While some of these cater to certain segments of tourists, the bigger clubs listed above are closer to what you would expect from a discotheque or nightclub in Europe or the USA. These Pattaya clubs are not only entertaining because of the good music, sound quality and lighting effects, but also because they provide an opportunity to pick up beautiful bar girls who usually head there after their bar fine period is complete, to look for a customer for the night.

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