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Pattaya Chat, so what’s this page all about?

Well although this website has been produced with the sole intention of providing its visitors with great content and lots of information on Pattaya. We thought that maybe some of you out there would also like other opinions on this heavenly city we know as Pattaya.

Therefore we have dedicated this page and the links that are on it, to allow other people to have their say. Now we presume that anybody who does make a contribution to this page, is giving their honest opinions about Pattaya, and therefore although checked, these pages have not been altered.

So if you want to know what other people have to say. Click on one of the following links to go to their page, who knows you might find some great information.

Pattaya - BY the Fox... a (not so) innocent abroad.....

Have you got any views about Pattaya that you would like to share with others?

Can you remember the first time you…

• Arrived in Pattaya and had no idea what was going on!

• Didn’t know all those great places to eat!

• Couldn’t decide which of the Pattaya hotels would be the best to stay at!

• Had absolutely no idea about the Pattaya nightlife and what to expect!

Well how useful would some good quality information have been to help you when you first arrived?

So pay it forward and write an article about your experiences in Pattaya. We can’t promise you fame, and we certainly can’t promise you money, but if like us you would like to give your honest views about Pattaya, what we can say is that you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped someone somewhere, make their trip to Pattaya, one of the best, most enjoyed and remembered experiences they will probably ever have.

Remember the first time in Pattaya is an experience that is never forgotten!

If you would like to submit an article for publication, please do so using our Pattaya chat box below. You can type your article in the box, or copy and paste from another document. Please remember your comments will not be altered, however this is a site for everyone, so please keep it clean, with no bad language, and try to make it informative. Thank You!!

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