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World Wide A Go-Go Beach Road PattayaThere are a couple of Pattaya Beach go go bars that are located on the main beach road, if you are hoping to experience the famed nightlife along the oceanfront or looking for a place to spend some time before Walking Street comes to life later in the evening. Add to this the other beach road go go bars in some of the smaller Sois that break off from the main road, and you have more than enough options for spending your time bar hopping.

While the Beach Road is one of the hottest spots of Pattaya nightlife, where you can find freelancers who are willing to keep you company for the night, the go go bar girls are not only more beautiful but also a safer option since you know where to find them should you ever have a problem.

Here is a list of Pattaya Beach Go Go bars.

Tahitian Queen

Located on Beach Road between Soi 12 and Soi 13, Tahitian Queen, or TQ as it is popularly known among its patrons, is one of the oldest Pattaya go go bars. It has been in operation since 1978 and is well known for its rock n roll music and beautiful bar girls. TQ is open from 1.30 pm until late night, with a shift change at 7.30 pm. There is also a sister establishment – TQ2, which is located off Walking Street.

Worldwide A Go Go

This is another of the well-known go go bars Pattaya Beach Road has. It is located on the main Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8. The bar has a large central stage with seating around it and lounges towards the exterior walls. The sound system and music are excellent, and it has a reputation for entertaining shows, including floor shows.

Besides these two Pattaya Beach go go bars, there are several others within easy reach if you are looking at enjoying the company of a beautiful Thai girl. Just off the Beach Road, Soi 1 & 2 has around six Soi Pattayaland go go bars to choose from. Similarly, in Central Pattaya you will find Silver Star 1 & 2 and Sexy Girls that are among the Soi 7 & Soi 8 go go bars that are popular options. They are all within easy reach from the other Beach Road go go bars.

Walking Street is the centre of nightlife in Pattaya, and it is a few steps away from the southern end of Pattaya Beach Road. Between Sois 13 and 16, which make up Walking Street, you can take your pick from a number of Walking Street go go bars. In addition a short distance away from Walking Street and also just off Beach Road on Soi 13/1 & 13/2, Las Vegas, Club Nevada and Far East are among the much-visited Soi Post Office/Soi Yamato go go bars.

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Whether you are looking for a place to spend the afternoon or want to spend the evening at several go go bars so that you don’t miss out on the buzz associated with nightlife in Pattaya, the Pattaya Beach go go bars and the ones in the neighbouring Sois are certainly worth exploring.

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