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There Are so Many Options in Pattaya

Pattaya is a hot spot for overseas property investment because of its popularity among tourists and expats. It is the leading destination in Thailand in terms of property investment because the prices have been increasing steadily over the past few years. Some investors look at a Pattaya investment for earning rental income from property as there is an ever increasing demand for rooms, especially during the holiday season when western tourists descend upon the city to escape the freezing winters in their home countries. Other real estate investors look at it as a means of increasing the value of their portfolio through continuous price appreciation.

The best part is that there are many options available for overseas property investment, depending on budgets and preferences. Here is a look at the types of properties available for investment.

Sea view condos

For those looking at price appreciation from their investment property overseas, there is nothing better than buying a condo or apartment with a sea view. Even though Pattaya is a resort town with several beaches, due to the large scale construction, finding an investment property that is for sale with a view over the ocean is rare, and the few that do come into the market for resale get snapped up in no time. Fortunately, there are some pre construction condos available in places such as Jomtien that are at a distance from the crowded downtown area in Pattaya. Besides offering fabulous views, these condo units also offer a relaxed setting away from the busy city centre, making it a preferred option for well-heeled vacationers looking for long term rentals.

Resort-style luxury condos

Another good option for overseas property investment is a condo unit in a high end development with resort-like facilities. With facilities such as large swimming pools, theme parks, luxurious amenities such as landscaping, fitness centres, cafes, children’s areas and club houses. These condos are the ideal investment in the real estate market that Pattaya has, as they almost guarantee return on investment from rentals as they would be a popular choice with families with kids who are looking at staying away from Pattaya nightlife, while still experiencing the tropical beauty of Thailand.

Prime location condos

Not all condos have luxury features or views, but there are still several good options for overseas property investment as some condos offer accessibility either to the highway towards the downtown area or towards the airport and Bangkok. While they may not have as much price appreciation as an ocean front condo, this is a property investment Pattaya has that would come at a slightly lower price and yet earn returns making it a suitable option for investors with a lower budget.

While the rising property prices may project Pattaya as a place where buying investment properties for sale can assure returns from rental income and price appreciation, this is not always the case. A web search will show up several instances of investors being taken in by overseas property investment scams. These situations usually arise as a result of due diligence not being paid to verifications before the property is sold or the title is transferred. Therefore, people looking at real estate investment opportunities in Pattaya should use the services of a reliable investment property company.

Thailand Property is a company that offers a comprehensive range of services for anyone who is thinking of investing in the property market in Pattaya. They offer professional services such as legal verification of title deeds to ensure authenticity and physical inspection of properties for making sure that everything that is offered on paper is present in reality. In addition, they understand the customer’s needs for overseas property investment and advise clients on the most suitable apartments or condos to invest in. If you are interested in putting your funds into an investment Pattaya has to offer, you can browse through the properties listed on the Thailand Property website here; www.property-in-pattaya.com

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