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Lk Metro Pattaya is a relatively new development on the night entertainment scene in the city. It has a mix of go-go bars, restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments. If you are in Pattaya for a short period of time and want to experience everything that the city has to offer, including encounters with Pattaya girls, this is the perfect place to be. This small street has so much to offer, from luxury hotels and budget guesthouses to restaurants and local food stalls, and of course some of the finest girls that are available in Pattaya.


Soi Lk Metro Pattaya is an L-shaped street with entrances from Soi Buakhao and Soi Diana in Central Pattaya. The archways at the entrance to the street with the words ‘Where The Action Is’, says it all. Soi Lk Metro is famous for its adult entertainment at gentlemen’s clubs and go-go bars with rooms attached where you can rent a room for a short time experience or bar fine a girl for a longer duration.

What to expect

There are laid back beer bars, go-go bars and also some recently opened coyote bars along Lk Metro Pattaya. The bars are all located at the street level, while the higher floors have apartments or small hotels with cheap rooms for rent. This makes it convenient as you can rent a room for a short duration to spend some time with one of the Pattaya Bar Girls.

The area is also well known for its Gentlemen’s clubs where you can get girls to fulfil your every desire. The most popular among this is the Devils Den Pattaya. This club is run by an American owner. You have to choose at least two girls and enjoy their company for up to 90 minutes.

Coyote bars and clubs along Lk Metro Pattaya are a recent addition made popular by the movie Coyote Ugly. There are differences between a go-go bar and a coyote club. The first and the most obvious one is that there are no poles in coyote clubs, and the dancers are more skilled and usually not bar finable (however, you might chance upon a coyote who is willing to be bar fined, but at an exorbitant price). The go-go dancers wear bikinis, whereas coyotes are dressed skimpily, but usually in less revealing clothes like shorts. Some of the go-go bars may at times also feature naked dancers.

Club blue Pattaya, which is located at the corner of Soi Buakhao, is one of the busiest places where you can see the best coyote dancers. Champagne A go-go is a highly rated go-go bar in Soi Lk Metro Pattaya. Other popular options are Mash, The Office and Submarine (all three are run by the same group). Be warned that some of the better go-go bars are very busy, and you are not always guaranteed a seat at the table with the best view of the central dance stage. If crowded bars are not your scene, then some of the smaller go-go bars such as Kiss maybe more convenient, as they do not get as busy as bars like Champagne, but still have some friendly girls.

Many tourists, who find Walking Street just too busy, prefer the go-go bars on Lk Metro Pattaya as they offer the same experience in a less crowded atmosphere. This is one of the reasons that the hotels in the area are popular as they offer comfortable and luxurious rooms with easy access to the nightlife in Pattaya. Besides the go-go bars and coyote clubs with their loud music and sexy dance performances, there are also open air beer bars along the street where customers can sit and watch the action on the street.

Thai Dating, Singles and Personals

Like with other areas that are popular for nightlife, often, there are police raids on some of the bars on Lk Metro Pattaya. Hence, it is best to be cautious, as prostitution is illegal in Thailand, and if you are caught by the police in one of the rooms during a raid, you could face imprisonment, irrespective of the type of sex or the gender of your partner. It also pays to be careful of your valuables either when you are in one of the clubs or if you bar fine a girl and take her back to your hotel room.

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