Jomtien Beach Go Go Bars 
Are Not the Same as the Pattaya Bars

Jomtien Beach Go Go bars are a good option if you are staying in the neighbourhood and looking at spending a relaxing vacation away from the crowds in Pattaya.

We Are No.1 A Go-Go in Jomtien Beach Pattaya

These bars give you a preview of what Pattaya nightlife is all about, although in Jomtien, it might not be as aggressive as Walking Street. Generally speaking, Jomtien is a more refined version of the Pattaya Beach area and as a result, a favourite among families and couples who are just looking at unwinding in a peaceful setting. Hence, the number of beer bars and go go bars Jomtien Beach has to offer is limited in comparison to its busy neighbour.

Currently, We Are No.1 Go Go is the only go go bar in Jomtien Beach. Until recently, its nearest competition was the Freeway on Pratumnak Road, however this has since closed. Probably the main reason for this has been that in the past the customer base for go go bars in Jomtien Beach has not been as large as one would find in the Pattaya Beach area. As such you tend to find that new Jomtien Beach go go bars don’t open that regularly. In fact, since We Are No. 1 replaced an earlier go go bar named Champion 2 A Go Go that existed in the same venue, no other go go bar in Jomtien Beach has been opened.

We Are No.1 A Go-Go in Jomtien Beach Pattaya

We Are No. 1 Go Go is open from 6 pm until very late in the night from Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday the bar’s opening time is advanced to 3 pm. Like most other go go bars in Pattaya, this Jomtien Beach go go bar has a stage with dancers, and routines that include topless dancing.

The music is mainly rock n roll, and rock videos are played on the large television screen in the early evening. Although it has friendly go go dancers who offer good service to the customers, the girls at this go go bar in Jomtien are not as good looking as the ones you might encounter in some of the popular go-go bars in Pattaya. Additionally, nude bathing shows, which are a common feature in many Pattaya Go Go bars are absent in this Jomtien bar.

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Jomtien’s sole option for go go entertainment may not seem sufficiently enticing, but for tourists who do not like the crowds or the boisterousness in Pattaya, it offers a chance to spend a quiet evening exploring what’s on offer. As Jomtien continues to expand both in terms of large condominium units and volume of tourists that stay in the area, we may in time see the number of Jomtien beach go go bars increase. We will keep you posted!

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