Is it safe to visit Pattaya at the moment?

by Chris

Chris's Question is:

I am a little concerned that a trip to Pattaya may not be a good idea at the moment. This is due to all the media attention Thailand has been receiving about the demonstrations against the government. What do you think?

My Answer is:

Hi Chris

In my opinion Pattaya is currently just as safe as it has always been. I live in Pattaya and have to say that at the moment there are no signs of any trouble.

Just after the unrest that occurred a few weeks ago, there were curfews imposed in Pattaya as in many cities, however this seems to have had the desired affect, and the political situation while unresolved does appear to have calmed down a little.

My advice would be to go ahead and book your trip, if you haven't already done so. Pattaya is quite at the moment and as such a great time to visit. Whilst you are here, obviously avoid large groups and any political rallies, should you see them.

Hope you choose to visit and have a great time.


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