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The Advantages of Getting Help from a Professional Company

As an overseas investor, you might be looking at what an investment property in Pattaya has to offer after hearing about the high appreciation that it could bring. There’s no doubt that making investments at the right place, and at the right time is a good way to multiply your money. However, there are also risks associated with an property investment that is overseas, especially when you make an investment without knowing the real situation on the ground.

For instance, you might be attracted by the extremely low prices from off plan or pre construction condos, especially when you compare it with the prevailing market price for older properties in Pattaya. However, there are several things that could go wrong if you are not cautious. With the rising demand for investment property in Pattaya, there have been a large number of real estate businesses opening up in major commercial and tourist centres, and not all of them can be vouched for in terms of reliability. As a result, there have been several scams in the news such as Investment properties for sale, that have been offered on a duplicate deed, while the original is mortgaged to the bank, or a sale being made based on a falsified deed.

For an overseas investor, these stories make the real estate investment opportunities in Pattaya seem extremely risky, and it makes them look at other options. The fact of the matter is that every investment has risks associated with it. Some of these Pattaya investments have risks that cannot be controlled (such as market or economic factors), while others (such as the possibility of being scammed) can be reduced if due diligence is carried out. This is where a good company that deals in investment property in Pattaya can step in and help.

For overseas investors, there are several advantages of using a professional who can advise them on investment property matters. Here I have outlined some of the services that a good investment property company in Pattaya can help real estate investors with.

Physical inspection of the property

Often overseas investors make an investment in a property based on a beautiful brochure or attractive images on the website. However, in reality, the property might be completely different from the description. For instance, an investment property that is for sale in pattaya might be advertised as having sea views, but might actually be a unit located at the back of the condo block, which looks out onto a busy road or into another building! A company that actually deals with investment property in Pattaya can visit the property (or the site in case of a pre-construction condo) and ascertain that the specifications meet the buyer’s requirements.

Performing due diligence

There are several legal aspects that need to be looked into for making sure that the lucrative property investment in Pattaya has to offer is indeed a safe and secure option. For instance, the title deeds have to be verified to ensure that they are original. A thorough check has to be done with the banks to make sure that the deed has not been used for taking a loan against it. Besides this, a reliable investment property in Pattaya Company can help with carrying out checks on the financial status of a developer so that the project doesn’t get stuck half way through the construction process. In addition, they can use their contacts with local bodies to verify whether the project has been awarded the required clearances for construction to commence.

Advice on market conditions

The real mark of a good investment property in Pattaya Company is their ability to advise clients on what property would meet their investment goals. For instance, if a client is looking at investing in a property that will appreciate in the short term so that he can resell it for a quick profit, then buying a condo at an early stage of pre-construction might be a suitable option as the price is likely to appreciate by the time it is ready to occupy. Whereas for those looking at a long term income from investment in the real estate market in pattaya, the high rentals from a well-established block in the heart of the city might be a better choice.

So my advice, if you are looking at making an investment in Pattaya real estate, is to do it through a good and established investment company in Pattaya. That way, you can be assured that your investment is safe, and the likelihood of being taken in by a scam is nil. There are several professional property investment companies in Pattaya. My personal recommendation for a reliable company is CPA Development Ltd. When I was looking at making an investment in a Pattaya condo, Andy from CPA Development was a great help with all the necessary checks, inspections and advice. 

If you are interested you can contact them online through their website or if you are visiting Pattaya, you will find their office in Jomtien at View Talay 5.

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