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Most property investors start looking for an investment property for sale immediately after their first visit to Pattaya. Besides the lovely setting that the city provides for a relaxing tropical vacation, which almost guarantees return on investment from rentals, the rising property prices in Pattaya also offer value appreciation from a property investment that is overseas. While scouting around for properties to invest in, investors will come across several options, including condos, apartments or houses. Being aware of the laws and having long-term investment goals will help real estate investors settle on one among the wide array of options.

Firstly, while looking at classifieds it helps to be aware of the Thai property laws that prevent individual ownership of land by foreign investors. While there are ways to get around this, as an individual investor looking at real estate investment opportunities in Pattaya, it is best to restrict one’s search to condos or apartments. There is a choice of resale or off plan condos available as the city is continuously expanding for meeting the growing demand for rooms. Thus, at any point in time there will be several choices for an investment property for sale.

Resale condos usually mean older apartments, which are well established (although there could be some upcoming condos also available for resale). They are closer to the downtown area, which makes accessibility a key factor that will ensure that the prices of these Pattaya investment options increase slowly but steadily, while earning good income from rentals. On the other hand, investing in a pre-construction condo will see a quick multiplication of investment value as the lowest prices are available in the early stages of development. Besides this, investing in pre construction condos is a suitable option for an investor who prefers to manage his funds outflow in stages, as the payments are staggered over the phases in the development process. Only a deposit has to be paid initially for this investment property for sale with the remaining payment having to be made at periodic intervals until the project is complete and ready to occupy.

An advantage that newer investment properties for sale have over older resale condos is that they come with state-of-the-art facilities. Some of them are part of resort-like developments that make them a guaranteed source of rental income. In addition, many of the new condo property investment Pattaya has offer the convenience of property management services, which mean that rentals and apartment maintenance is taken care of.

One of the things overseas property investors find difficult about making a real estate investment Pattaya decision is that they have to rely on pictures that they see on websites, without being sure of the safety of their investment. There are several professional real estate companies that offer a range of comprehensive services for those looking at purchasing an investment property for sale in Pattaya. From assistance with property identification based on the investors needs and long-term goals, to conducting physical inspections and title verifications for ensuring safety of the investment, they are geared up for meeting all requirements. These investment Pattaya companies can also advise investors on which property is likely to appreciate the most or which is suitable for earning rentals as they are aware of the Pattaya real estate market.

Among the various companies out there who can assist you in looking for that all important investment property in the city of Pattaya. Thailand Property is one of the most professional firms that I have dealt with while looking for an investment property for sale in Pattaya. Their office is located in View Talay 5 in Jomtien, if you are interested in visiting for a consultation. Alternatively, you can contact them by phone or email, you will find the details on their website

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