Houses for Rent Pattaya
How to Narrow Down the Options

House for Rent in PattayaMost people who do a web search for houses for rent Pattaya are looking at options for renting either a holiday home or a house that they can get on a long term rental, if they are in Thailand on a work assignment or here for retirement reasons. While browsing through the websites of Pattaya real estate agents will provide a long list of options, it can be confusing to decide which one to choose. Following a systematic approach while looking for a house to rent will make your search simpler. Here’s a guide.

Budgeting expenses

Often, while looking at houses for rent Pattaya, as a buyer, you may look at the monthly rental of a house and think that it is within your budget. However, there are several hidden factors that you need to account for so that you don’t find yourself living beyond your means in Pattaya. All rental homes usually have a security deposit or bond that needs to be paid up front to the owner. In addition, rent may have to be paid for several months in advance. Add to these costs such as moving expenses and buying furniture or linen to get a realistic estimate of the initial expenses that you will incur while renting property in Pattaya. Besides rent, you will have monthly or periodical expenses to be paid towards utility charges and maintenance. Work out a rough estimate of your income and expenditure to get a fix on the amount that you can afford towards rent every month.

If you are looking at houses for rent Pattaya for a holiday with your family, take into account the amount you can afford to spend per person on accommodation, food, transport and other expenses, before deciding on a budget for renting a holiday home. Don’t forget to take into account the refundable deposit that would need to be paid at the time of reservation.

Type of accommodation

Having an idea of your budget will make the process easier when you have to choose the type of houses for rent Pattaya. There are villas or standalone bungalows, semi-detached houses that usually have a common wall between two units and townhouses. The rentals for these depend on the location and size of the house, but in general, villas are the most expensive followed by semi-detached homes, and townhouses are the cheapest houses. You can choose which of these Pattaya houses for rent would be within your budget.

Location of the property

Once you get an idea of the type of house, the next step should be to decide on the location of the house in Pattaya that you would prefer to rent. If you expect to stay for a long time, choosing a location that is close to your place of work might make sense whereas if you are relocating with your family, finding a house near schools, hospitals and shopping areas might be more suitable. Alternatively, if you are looking at houses for rent in Pattaya with the idea of using it as a holiday home, a location near the beach or attractions would suit your needs better.

Following these simple steps will help you narrow your search for suitable houses for rent Pattaya. However, to make life easier, it is best to get the assistance at a good real estate agent, who can advise you on various options based on your budget and location preferences. Thailand Property is a site that I would recommend based on the interactions that I have had with Ian. With years of experience in the real estate market in Pattaya and contacts with owners and agents, he will help you find your dream house to rent in no time and give you advice on which location and type of house would be best for you.

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