The Herb Garden Pattaya!

The Herb Garden Pattaya is a beautiful and natural destination, making it one of the ideal places to visit in Pattaya if you are looking for someplace peaceful and tranquil, and that is also filled with stunning tropical flowers.

The Pattaya Herb GardenFor anyone wishing to visit natural tourist attractions in Pattaya, then you should consider this garden, as it is a lovely place featuring a wealth of truly stunning Thai flowers. Many people also wish to take in the breathtaking beauty of flora in Thailand, and so a visit to these gardens for them, is one of the most important things to do in Pattaya.

You will find the Pattaya Herb Garden on the right side of Road3/36/3191 from Pattaya to Rayong. So if you are planning a trip to Pattaya, why not put this very well maintained flower and herb garden on your list of attractions to see.

There is plenty to do, see and experience at the herb garden, which is clearly more than a simple herb garden. This is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Pattaya because it gives you access to tours, nature shops, golf, fountains, picnic areas, fitness park areas, a goldfish pond, a small bird aviary and so much more. There are plenty of stunning fruit bearing trees, including coconut trees throughout the park. You can spend an entire afternoon around the Pattaya Herb Garden, and may not be able to see everything that this beautiful garden has to offer you.

On the first Saturday of every month the Pattaya Herb Garden hosts an herbal market, which is a real treat for anyone looking for what to do in Pattaya during this timeframe. You can peruse all of the various herbs for sale, and then spend the day in the park after you finish making your purchases. The Herb Garden Pattaya is an excellent picnic spot, and can keep your entire family entertained for the day when you visit.

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