Guests in your hotel room

by Gareth

Gareth's Question is:

Can you take girls back to your hotel room?

My Answer is:

Gareth your question is simple enough, and the answer is that most of the hotels do allow you to take guests back to your room.

Unlike back in the UK when you book a room it is for 2 people, and as such if you are staying in the room alone, you are permitted to bring a guest.

This applies when you book your room direct with the hotel, or if you take advantage of some of the discounted prices available on our Pattaya hotels page. This does not usually apply if you book through a travel agent back in the UK as they tend to charge per person.

If you haven't yet booked your hotel, why not take a look at some of the hotels on this site, you could certainly save yourself some money.

Hope you have a great time if you decide to visit this amazing funtown.


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