Go Karting Pattaya is Fun

Go Karting Pattaya allows you the thrill of driving a car at high speeds, and whether you are doing it for fun or as a hobby, there are tracks that are suitable for both novices and experts.

The Easykart Go Karting Track in Pattaya

You can race at speeds up to 50 mph swerving along sharp curves and bends, with your kart sometimes spinning out of control as you negotiate the twists and turns. This is a great way to get a taste of Pattaya fun with your group of friends. It is also an exciting option for family entertainment, as long you do not have young children below the age of eight.

There are several options for go karting venues in Pattaya where you can experience the thrill of racing. Among all the activities in Pattaya this is the one that will give you the biggest adrenalin rush. It will probably be the closest you will ever come to being a race car driver on the Grand Prix circuit.

All go kart Pattaya venues come with safety equipment, so there is no risk of injury. The venues have instructors who will advise you on how it is done if you are a beginner or give you tips on how to take the bends if you are at the intermediate or expert level. Some tracks have karts that can go up to 80 mph if you are an experienced go karting enthusiast. In addition, after you have tired yourself out after many laps around the Pattaya go karting track, you can refresh yourself with snacks and drinks in the restaurants and bars at the venue.

The best venue for go karting Pattaya adventures is the EasyKart track located at the Bali Hai Pier just 200 meters away from Pattaya’s famous Walking Street. It is the biggest and the most High-Tech track in Pattaya with two tracks that can accommodate larger groups up to 500 persons, and it provides three different types of karts with engine capacities varying from 100cc to 270cc. Children will have to be above eight years to be eligible to try their hand at go karting on these tracks. It is considered one of the safest tracks and has convenient facilities attached for leisure such as a restaurant, bar and a billiards area. EasyKart is also popular with corporate groups because of its facilities.

The Go Karting Track in Pattaya

Pattaya Kart Speedway is another option for go karting Pattaya venues. Located at Thepprasit road, between Thapphraya Road and Sukhumvit Road, this is the oldest track in the area and has been around for around 15 years. There is an 800m asphalt track for speed racers and a 400m asphalt track for beginners, which has smaller carts for children and double seat karts for those who want to go along for the ride. Also available is an off road dirt track for those who don’t like the asphalt surface.

Besides these two, there are two more go karting Pattaya tracks where you can try go karting if you are wondering what to do in Pattaya. The Bira Kart track, which is located opposite the Bira International Circuit Track spans over 1334m and has 20 different layouts to try out depending on your level. The other is the Mini Siam track that is located inside Mini Siam Park on Sukhumvit Road. 

While you are on vacation with family or friends, there are days when you want to explore places away from your resort or enjoy some activities where everyone can have fun. Visiting one of the four go karting Pattaya tracks is guaranteed to give you an experience beyond compare and leave you with something to talk about when you go back home.

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