The Gem Factory Pattaya!

The Gem Factory PattayaThe Gem Factory Pattaya is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Pattaya because it offers plenty for you to do, see and experience while you are in the area. Unlike many other tourist attractions in Pattaya, there is no entry charge associated with the Gem Factory, so this is one of those must-see places to visit in Pattaya simply because you can spend an afternoon here without it costing anything. The welcome is both warm and comfortable, and so you feel an inviting presence from the moment that you visit this attraction.

The experience at the Gems Factory Pattaya will begin with seating you in a toy train, and as the train moves, you will get to experience an enjoyable simulation journey as you learn how gemstones are extracted before they become the focal points of jewelry. Once you reach the workshop you will be able to see masterpiece jewelry pieces being created by the workers there. There is also a showroom where there are two different sections, the first for gemstones and gold and the second for pearl jewelry.

As far as things to do in Pattaya go, there are plenty of experiences that you will benefit from, and this is one of them. If you have ever been interested in gemstones or jewelry, then this will provide you with a learning experience that you can take with you. When looking for what to do in Pattaya or places to visit in Pattaya, the Gem Gallery & Museum is well worth your consideration.

The gold, gemstone and pearl jewelry being crafted at the Gem Factory Pattaya is available for sale, and the designs are truly innovative and beautiful, making them quite tempting. At the end of the tour, refreshments are also available for free. The experience is truly enjoyable, especially considering that it is something to do on an afternoon for free. You will find the Gems Gallery Pattaya at 555 Moo6 North Pattaya Road, Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

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