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Gay Pattaya BoyGayThailand Internet sites like Gayromeo are a great way to meet other gay boys. As soon as you’re registered on these free sites you can chat with hundreds of local “gay” boys. Though many are just out for friendship and a chat a significant number are semi-professional money boys – so again be prepared to tip if the date turned out well. A word of caution sometimes the pictures don’t match up to the reality and some boys do use these sites for scamming the unwary – so exercise caution when you’re arranging to meet a stranger.

Private hook-ups

Compared to most Western cultures you’ll find the Thais much more laid back about matters gay (and especially so in Pattaya and Bangkok). Most GayThailand men do not see themselves as “gay” and will usually take this to mean a very feminine man or katoey (lady-boy). So don’t be surprised if the boy, after you’ve just had the best time ever in bed, looks offended if you ask him whether he is gay!!

Casual sex is for pleasure and having a good time however relationships can usually take a long time to develop and a great deal of tolerance and trust is required by both parties if the relationship is to blossom into something serious. Just remember the golden rule and treat others with as much kindness, courtesy and consideration as you yourself would like. Keep smiling, never ever lose your temper or raise your voice and be as generous as you can afford with your new friend and you may just win a startlingly handsome man in the process. But remember neither to rush into anything nor to promise the earth while you’re on holiday (and then promptly forget your promises as soon as you get home). The biggest obstacle in forming these kinds of relationships is usually the language barrier as most Thais speak very limited English. Nevertheless it can be fun way of learning the language!

There are so many opportunities for chance encounters - they can happen anywhere at any time. If someone catches your eye - just smile and take it from there. Very few Thai men will take offence at being complemented (even if they are not interested in your body!) and a little charm will go a very long way.

Listed below you will find a couple of gay listing sites for Pattaya that may be of interest to you.

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