The Gay Pattaya Scene

If you’re a gay man – whatever age, race or size gay Pattaya has something to offer you! Pattaya is the Thai destination for the gay traveler. The city has a long and well deserved reputation for being tolerant and very gay-friendly and will welcome you – regardless of whether you’re a flamboyant queen, a shy inexperienced singleton or somewhere in between!

Boyz Town in Pattaya

Gayness permeates almost every aspect of the Pattaya lifestyle; it is not limited or confined to the commercial venues. It is everywhere around you – the handsome shop assistant with the beaming smile, the hotel receptionist whose gaze lingers just a little longer than necessary, the motorcycle boys (motorbike taxi drivers) with a twinkle in their eyes.

Pattaya exists to make people happy and to show them a good time – at a price of course!! Because of this there is virtually no discrimination against the gay visitor – your money is as good as anyone else’s – so you’ll be treated in the same way as anyone else.

Here is some more detailed information on Boyztown in Pattaya, which is a very popular place to visit for gay people looking for fun and a great Pattaya nightlife scene.

Pattaya really is a fun destination for the gay traveler – but there are some things that you should be aware of:

Gay Beach in Pattaya

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand – whatever arrangement you and your partner come to regarding any form of sex you should be aware that, technically at least, selling sexual favours is illegal in Thailand! You should also be careful with your valuables etc. if you entertain a stranger in your room – particularly on overnight visits.

Much more serious and strictly monitored are the laws on the age of consent. DO NOT have any form of sexual relations (to quote President Clinton!) with any Thai person under the age of eighteen. You could find yourself in a Thai jail for up to ten years if you do.

You should note that the word “boy” in this article is used to denote a young man or a lad and does not mean that the “boy” is under the age of consent. Sexually transmitted diseases and particularly HIV rates are very high amongst commercial male sex workers in Pattaya. Always play safe and use a condom and water based lube.

Broadly speaking the gay scene in Pattaya, as elsewhere in Thailand, can be divided into three types:

Commercial – Gay Massages, Gay Go-Go Bars and Beer Bars.

Semi-commercial – Gay Beach, Karaoke Bars and Discos.

Private – Gay Pattaya Internet Sites and Private Meetings.

Sawatdee Gay Forum

Ting Tong’s Forum

Above you will also find a couple of gay discussion forums giving more details on the Gay Pattaya Scene, these may be of interest to you.

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