Gay Massages in Pattaya!

If you are looking for gay massages Pattaya is a great place to visit. It is famous (or notorious!) for its commercial sex scene, and for the first time, or occasional, visitor this is the easiest and most accessible part of the gay Pattaya scene. Though gay bars, gay massage parlours and clubs are to be found all over the city there are three areas where you’ll find a concentration of gay venues namely; Boyz Town, Sunee Plaza and Jomtien complex.

The commercial sex scene is, of course, all about money. There are countless businesses small and large all over Pattaya which cater for the gay visitor. Broadly speaking these can be divided into three main types:

Gay Go-Go Bars

Gay Go-Go Bar in PattayaThese are probably the best known type of sex venue. Here you’ll enter a large dimly lit room with, typically, a stage or platform running the length of the area on which an array of scantily clad young men gyrate provocatively trying to catch your eye.

You’ll be shown into a seat and asked to order a drink. After a while you may be approached by the Mamasan (the Thai equivalent of a madam) asking you whether you like a particular boy. All the boys have numbered badges on their briefs or shorts to help identification. If you like a particular boy then you can “off” him by paying a bar fine (typically 250 – 400 Baht) or if you’re not quite sure you can invite him over for a drink on your bill. If all goes well then you beckon the Mamasan over and off him. He will disappear to the back and emerge a few minutes later fully clothed and ready to escort you for a few hours. On the other hand if you decide not to off your companion then it is customary to slip him a modest tip (typically 100 Baht) and thank him for his time.

Some go-go bars also have short shows – usually about 30 – 40 minutes in which some of the boys entertain the customers. These shows vary enormously in quality and production values from the truly spectacular to the comically banal. Don’t however expect to see any nudity on stage in Pattaya (it is against the city’s by-laws) though you might strike it lucky and chance on an impromptu entertainment with a stage full of enthusiastic sexual performers – but be warned this is very much the exception to the rule!

Host/beer bars

Gay Beer Bar in PattayaAs the name suggests these are bars where the hosts and waiters are available to be offed. The main difference between go-go and host bars are that the staff and hosts are usually fully clothed! Apart from that the procedure for choosing and offing are the same as for the go-go bars.

Gay Massages

Gay Massage in PattayaAgain these can be found all over town and vary enormously in terms of luxury, size and choice of masseurs. Typically when you enter you’ll be greeted by a Mamasan, invited to sit and buy a drink while the boys congregate around you. You make your selection and specify what kind of gay massage you require (Thai, oil, cream etc.) which will vary a little in price, usually 350 - 450 Baht/hour.

Your chosen boy will then escort to a room/cubicle where you’ll be given a clean towel and directed to a shower prior to the massage. The masseur will usually be naked or very skimpily dressed. After the massage is over you may well have a “happy ending” with your masseur. It is customary to tip the masseur privately (usually 500 -1000 Baht depending on quality of service) before going downstairs again to pay the establishment for the massage and drinks.

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